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April 6, 2021

In Attendance: Daniale (Moderator)

Lana (Vice Moderator)

Jocelyn (Treasurer)

Arianna (Secretary)

Mark (Member at large)

Craig (Minister)



  • Check-In


  • Meeting Minutes-review from 3/2/21 board meeting: Approved


  • Standard Reports:
    • Minister’s Report
      • See below
    • Worship Committee Report
      • Looking at when to have Rebecca speak
      • A few open service slots before summer
      • 6 open Sundays in the summer
      • Looking into more joint services and exchanges
      • Working on our last Indigenous peoples focus speaker
      • Robin Henderson has prepared a talk on economics and could fill one of the open slots
      • Planned service about covid in August. Speaker is the founder of Marked by Covid organization.
    • Social Justice Committee Report
      •  Social Justice Focus special collections are scheduled through June. Need to nail down July.
      • In lieu events for Q Center and GSBB, we’re giving the events budget to our special collections, which adds $100 to each sustained partner.
      • Next year’s focus: Economic Inequality
        • Discussion over the name resulted in us asking the SJC to reconsider or explain their choice.
        • [After this 4/6 board meeting, there was an email exchange between the board members and SJC members, as well as an SJC meeting, at which the name Examining Economic Inequality was chosen. The board voted unanimously to approve this focus for next year.] 
    • RE Committee Report
      • The last meeting centered on budget clarifications. The DRE did not know about all the funds available to her, so the committee will make that clearer in the future.
      • Kate has launched the 7 principles yellow folder project, delivering 12 folders to kids at the end of March.
      • The board discussed rehiring a support person for childcare when we return to in-person service. Should we budget for that weekly starting in September? 
        • Ari will talk to Kate about communicating with parents about the comeback.
    • Membership Committee Report 
      • See below
    • Treasurer’s Report
      • Still on track this year to end on balance
      • Pledging for next year 19 pledges out of potential 58. $34,000 out of a budgeted $62,000
      • Technology support budget is an open conversation as we consider hybrid worship.


  • Calendar Dates:  
    • Canvass:  3/21-4/18
    • Budget Meeting w/ Congregation 5/2/21
    • Annual Meeting w/ Congregation 5/16/21
    • New/Old Board Overlap 6/1/21


  • Hybrid 
    • We decided to potentially form a task force looking into hybrid worship for the fall and beyond - Lana will be the board representative on the task force.


  • Linda MacPherson’s tasks
    • Breakout social hour volunteer fair April 11th 


  • GA/5th principle--roll forward


  • Attendees/delegates for GA
    • Jolanda will speak for a few minutes at an upcoming service, informing about virtual GA and encouraging attendance.
    • Jocelyn will propose to Worship Committee that our June 27 service be visiting GA.


  • To Confirm when meeting in person: (meeting in Spring?)
    • Board:  
      • Meeting Notes April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April
      • Endowment Committee Members
      • Board Discretionary Fund for Zoom License
      • Contract w/ Jolanda Walter
    • Congregation:  Annual Meeting Notes/voting
  • Confirm Next Meeting Date: 5/4/21, 7pm


Respectfully submitted by Arianna Lambie, Secretary



  • How can we expand our level of inclusion and engagement in virtual congregational life? 
  • What additional equipment or training or assistance do our staff and volunteers need for continuing online-only worship? 
  • What do we need to invest in, with technology, equipment, or people-power, to keep this going until it is safe for everyone to return to in-person worship/programs?
  • How can we imagine broader and more inclusive ministries, worship, and programming in a post-COVID-19 world given what we’ve been learning and implementing?


Ministers Report—4-21


1) Sermon preparation, newsletter columns, etc.  Two extra columns on mass shootings.


2) Phone calls,  e-mails.  Pastoral calls, Zoom meetings with congregational members/leaders.  


3) Colleague consultation.


4) Martial arts and Spanish language study 


5)  UUMUAC meetings. 


6) 5th Principle Project meeting—further preparations for Jay Siskel’s run as a candidate for UU Board.  


7) Attended most Wy’east Sunday services


8) Prepared food for Lilac Meadows


9)  Path to Membership class—new member joining on 4-18-21.  Our eighth new or returning member since moving to online services!


10) Arranging for guest visit from Zoroastrian tradition.


11) Continued work with Kentucky-based UU/Muslim working group.  We now have a 90-minute “workshop” space at GA.  Group first enlisted help in preparing video from Tunisian-American journalist Amira Karouan, Reuters correspondent who covered Breanna Taylor shooting in Louisville, KY.  Then Amira required back surgery.  Now working with Mehr Hassan, who created this viral YouTube piece:


In addition to her technical and editing skills, Mehr has been giving us older participants essential guidance in preparing effective video contributions.


12) Attended Friday Zoom conversation whenever possible.



March followed our same consistent patterns with solid worship services (Craig twice + Dr. Han Liang and Rev. Gary McAlpin) which helped keep our attendance steady in the 40-50 range per Sunday.


The major event for Membership was the New Member signing ceremony on March 21 welcoming in Alana Graham and Lynette Yetter as our newest members. Also Mary Pleier has recommitted to be an active member thru pledging and when we are again at HSC possibly an in person visit. She lives in Milwaulkie so she would need transportation.


The subject of Wy'east T-shirts and Small Group meals was circulated within the committee and a chat announcement will come out in May promoting the Small Group meals event. I would like to make the T-Shirt project a committee participation happening so I'd like to be back with my committee in person and address the subject at committee meetings then.


Visitors who left contact information are: Betty Rose who was invited to our PTM class but did not attend.


Path to Membership class was held on March 28th. My only visitor was Lesson who just dropped in to check in with me so we could have a little 1 on 1 time. That was a very kind thought.


Lilac Meadows, Coffee hour and Chalice Circle events are going strong under good leadership and membership support.


Diane I. is preparing a book donation program to support Lilac Meadows, the Women's shelter and Girl Scouts behind bars. She will be sending a draft of her plan to the membership gogglegroups gang for feedback.