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Congregational Budget Meeting May 2nd, 2021

Wy’east Unitarian Universalist Church

Annual Budget Meeting




Treasurer, Jocelyn, presented the proposed budget, explaining increases and decreases from previous years.


See the budget document for all the numbers and Jocelyn’s notes.



  • Proposed budget is $81,900.
  • Pledged income is $68,500. The canvass committee anticipates another $6000.
  • Projected donation income is $3,100.
  • These numbers are between pre-pandemic and pandemic levels.
  • Anticipated savings balance on 6/30/21 is $50,000.
  • Projected savings balance on 6/30/22 is $38,500.


Explaining some of the changes in expenses

  • Worship
    • Budgeting for Jolanda working another 36 weeks - This is in case we cannot open as expected, have to close again, or want to have an extended period of hybrid worship with tech support.
    • There is also some money set aside for hybrid technology. Additional funds could be attained through a grant.
  • Community presence - Our expected contribution to the UUA increased slightly.
    • This money funds UUA operating expenses/programming.
    • While we don’t always feel we get a lot of value directly from the UUA, this year their support of online worship has been very helpful.
  • Organizational support - We have been paying a reduced rent, but we anticipate going back to full rent in September.
    • Our rent for HSC was $600/month. Now $150 while not using the space.
    • Our rent for Rose City Presbyterian has remained at $115/month. We have not asked for a reduction. It’s a small amount for a valuable relationship.
  • Religious education - We anticipate hiring back a childcare support person. When and how frequent remains difficult to predict.


Suggestions and clarifications

  • We allocated money for a digital refresh last year, some of which has been spent on the logo redesign, and some of which remains to be spent on physical signage or other areas.
  • Add a search committee budget for a prospective minister to travel here - in the range of $1200
    • A discussion followed about the search process
      • How much of the interview process will we want to do virtually?
      • How important is it to have our minister located here?
      • Will we want an interim minister?
    • The UUA website has information about different kinds of ministers: contract/interim/settled.
    • The Board should be prepared to address these kinds of questions at the annual meeting, either with proposed answers or a plan to arrive at answers.