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June 1, 2021

 Wy’east UUC Board Meeting

Tuesday, June 1, 2021


In Attendance: Daniale Lynch (Moderator)

Jocelyn (Treasurer)

Arianna (Secretary)

Mark (Member at large)

Craig (Minister)



  • Grounding
  • Check-In


  • May Meeting Minutes-review and approval: Approved


  • Standard Reports:
    • Minister’s Report ***see below
    • Worship Committee Report
      • Experimenting with 5th Sunday Social Sunday
      • Licensing for music is a lot of work and complicated - Linda Jo is on top of it
      • The committee has been discussing returning to in person/hybrid worship
    • Social Justice Committee Report
      • Final SJ Focus speaker is set up for July
      • They are starting to plan next year’s speakers. First one is lined up: Connie Yost.
    • RE Committee Report
      • 7 principles project just ended
      • Mathias is stepping down
      • The board needs to take action on preparing for in-person childcare, hiring a support person, finding a new committee chair
    • Membership Committee Report *** see below
    • Treasurer’s Report***see below
      • Pledge income up a little last month, perhaps in response to Hank’s update emails
      • Expenses up slightly, nothing alarming


  • Ministerial Committee volunteers thus far:  Bruce, Ron, Hank, Lynette Yetter
    • We may want to recruit someone younger
    • Lana will reach out for one more volunteer
    • Daniale compiled a vision board out of the email responses from members
    • Hank has shared numerous documents to aid this search. 
    • Emé has found a discernment process that may be helpful, too. 
    • We will wait until the next board meeting to move forward with this
    • The committee’s first task is to narrow the goal (do we want to be 100% lay-led? Halftime minister? Interim?)
      • Start with conversations among the congregation:  sharing ideas, knowledge, reasoning
      • Then maybe do another survey
      • We’ve always increased our minister’s time. Considering less ministerial time is new for us.
  • GA Delegates--any takers?
    • Eme volunteered
    • Jocelyn will ask Jeff
    • Our GA delegate will be our delegates to vote in the UUA Board election
    • (Later in June, Alana G volunteered and was chosen to be the second delegate).


  • Moving Forward
    • Lana will change the emails on the board group/permissions to the board file 
    • We need to decide on the new board positions:  Moderator, Vice Moderator, Secretary, Treasurer, At-Large
    • Then notify the membership committee of the new board positions
    • We need to confirm a common meeting date (if changing, make sure it’s on the calendar/ announcements)
    • Treasurer should check in with endowment committee chair
    • Jocelyn will be available to help with the transition and is willing to continue small tasks
    • Ari will set up new google folders


  • Ingathering in/person in September?
    • Lana got some interest in planning for in person gathering: Ron and Barbara R
    • Not sensing a lot of urgency
    • Waiting on Hollywood Senior Center plans
    • Need to find out about Rose City Preschool
    • For the sake of members and friends who stopped coming during the pandemic, we don’t want to stay all digital longer than we have to.
    • Concern for children, if they won’t be vaccinated
    • We could do a survey - Ruth will start working on one


  • To Confirm when meeting in person: 
    • Board:  
      • Meeting Notes April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June
      • Endowment Committee Members
      • Board Discretionary Fund for Zoom License
      • Contract w/ Jolanda Walter
    • Congregation:  Annual Meeting Notes/voting 2020 and 2021


  • Confirm Next Meeting Date: 7/6/21, 7pm
    • We may want to move to Mondays




Respectfully Submitted by Arianna Lambie, Secretary



Ministers Report—5-21

1) Sermon preparation, newsletter columns, etc.

2) Phone calls, e-mails. Pastoral calls, Zoom meetings with congregational


3) Colleague consultation.

4) Martial arts and Spanish language study

5) UUMUAC meetings. Gave opening words for one for religious professionals task force


6) 5 th Principle Project meetings

7) Attended most Wy’east Sunday services

8) Attended Jon Biemer’s talk via Zoom at HSC

9) Budget meeting, Annual meeting. Superb Board leadership for both of these—thanks so


10) Arranged post-service guest visit from Jay Kiskel, UU historian, 5 th Principle Project

leader and UUA Board candidate. Moderated discussion, 10 participants.

11) Continued work with Kentucky-based UU/Muslim working group.

12) Attended Friday Zoom conversation whenever possible.

13) Attended 4 final 90-minute sessions of “Diversity Without Division”, a 7-part workshop

based on Irshad Manji’s Don’t Label Me, promoting dialogue across political and cultural

divides. Gave Opening Words for final session. Found a workshop participant who is

willing to speak with us about the experience this coming fall.

14) Attended UUA Board Open House on May 11. Will also attend on June 1 to meet with

Board and Board candidates . This will run into our Wy’east Board meeting time, so I

may only be submitting this written report. Sorry if I cannot join you this time!

15) Consulted with Texas UU start-up congregation (several member had attended Irshad

Manji workshops)

16) “Healing from Hate” racial justice workshop, May 27.

17) Arrange with the Rev. Barbara Stevens to be on standby in case there’s a need for

pastoral care (such as a memorial) over the summer. You can contact her at: 



For the most part May was a quieter month with only Heather & Naas Tredoux and Emma Buktenica providing contact information. However these people showed interest with Emma attending the last Path to Membership Class (along with Mariah Springstead) and Heather emailing me that she and Naas hope to make the next PTM class.


Mabel & I continue to send welcoming emails to all visitors that give us contact information.


Attendance hit a high of 63 on 5/2 then dipped to 27 the next Sunday and was in the 30's for the rest of the month.


Coffee Hour and Chalice Circle remain strong and will continue to meet thru the Summer months.


Lilac Meadows continues to have strong support from our members plus the organizers (Linda B. and Ann W.) and the drivers (Linda B., Larry B., Tom and possibly Carol and Ann W.) getting the job done.


With input from the Board and the Membership Committee I wrote and sent the announcement for our July 4th Summer Picnic out on May 31 on Chat.


I also sent out on Chat a few suggestions for small group gatherings and have had some promising feedback. I'm asking each host to organize and run their own party. I hope this generates some activity.