Becoming a member at Wy'east is as simple as signing the membership book, but we believe that becoming a part of a spiritual community is anything but simple. It is a life changing experience for you and for Wy'east.
Expectations of membership:

  1. Have a spiritual practice. Something that you do regularly that cultivates who you are as a spiritual being. A spiritual practice can be many things, ideally something that inspires and grounds you, connecting you with the holy and sacred as you experience it.
  2. Pledge a monthly amount to support Wy'east. There are pledge cards in the office that you can get from the treasurer or from the Connections Committee. What we do at Wy'east is a collective effort. We don't get funding from a district or national UU organization. Whatever happens here happens because we make it happen. You can arrange bill pay through your bank; you can write a monthly check or if you are interested in having automatic withdrawal, let's talk - we haven't gotten this going yet, but it seems a good idea.
  3. Be of service to the Wy'east community. Let's find something that excites and challenges your own spiritual development. You can share something that you already know how to do really well (music, finances, cooking, teaching, newsletter), or you try something that is totally new to you. What are your dreams for Wy'east?
  4. Be of service to the wider world. Awakening to the world around us is a central part of living a spiritual life. See how your life can witness to and even shape the concerns of the world around you.
  5. Come to Sunday services. This is when we, as a community, deepen and engage the spirit together - through song, prayer and keeping silence together. There is obviously much preparation for each service. However, the worship service is really created by how the spirit moves through people during that hour. Your listening, your voice, your laughter - all create the tone of the service. And if you aren't there, the service is different.

Benefits of membership:

  • You will have the right to vote at the Annual Meeting of Wy'east each spring.
  • You will receive official church mailings.
  • You will receive a subscription to UUWorld, the journal of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations.

Before you become a member at Wy'east we want you to have three conversations either in a on-on-one meeting with our minister or in a New UU class:

  1. Getting to know you conversation with our minister, sharing your own spiritual journey and what excites you about being a part of Wy'east.
  2. Unitarian Universalist History
  3. Wy'east History and Organization

Membership is open to all persons regardless of race, color, gender, affectional or sexual orientation, age, national or ethnic origin, or economic background.