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"5th Sunday Day of Service Project -- Supply Drive for Lilac Meadows”


The final day of the year falls on the 5th Sunday of December 2023. As part of our lay-led ministry, we gather on 5th Sundays for a service project in lieu of holding a service, either in-person or on Zoom. Our December 2023 project will be a supply drive to support Our Just Future and the Lilac Meadows Family Shelter

The Shelter Manager has assembled an "Amazon Gift Registry" with their most pressing needs -- school supplies and lunch/snack items for kids, bedding and toiletries. You may purchase items directly from the Amazon Gift Registry, or update the registry with the purchase of similar items from elsewhere. Order early to get the gifts in time!

We will gather on Sunday, December 31st to assemble and consolidate our donation, enjoy some social time & snacks -- maybe even a sing a bit -- before delivering our gifts to the shelter. 

Learn more about this project HERE.


5th Sunday Day of Service, 10:30 AM - 12:00 Noon

There will be NO regular service (either in-person or online) this Sunday.