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Curiosity, Queerness, and Community


Being queer can mean a lot of things. Of course there’s who you’re attracted to and how, but it can also be a political identity, a culture, a lens for challenging society. This Pride Sunday, I’d like to invite you into that curiosity and the joy we can create there. For me it's building a community without punishment or scarcity, where people can do weird art projects, have big chosen-family brunches, and play with gender if they want to. A community that gardens a lot and doesn't have to worry about food or rent or healthcare.

We all deserve lives like this, lives that will look different for each of us! So come with me, get curious, get angry, get joyful. We need a new world, and it has to come at the expense of the old one.

This service will be led by Jack Kostylo, a queer, trans member of Wy'east.

Listen to the sermon