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Field Trip to Eastrose Fellowship - It Takes a Community


This summer, Wy'east is sharing resources with other small area congregations. This Sunday, join us as we travel virtually to the Eastrose Congregation in Gresham. Note the special zoom link for this service.

In his talk, It Takes a Community, Gresham City Council President Eddy Morales will speak about the issues impacting Gresham communities and how individual citizens and groups can get involved to bring about needed improvements.

Eddy Morales is a community and elected leader whose lived experience gives him great empathy for the struggles of underrepresented people. That’s not enough to make a great elected official, though. It’s his track record as an effective business owner, community organizer, and elected official that proves his ability to make change. Eddy’s inclusive approach brings diverse voices to the table and achieves the results people truly want. Learn more about him at

Join our Zoom meeting by clicking on this link:

Meeting ID: 912 2555 1114
Password: 800848
Phone In Access: (408) 638-0968