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"Heatwaves in the Concrete Jungle: Tackling Urban Heat Islands”, Yashar Vasef


Yashar Vasef has served as the Executive Director at Friends of Trees for the past three years. He brings a passion for community engagement, environmental sustainability, and human rights.. Prior to Friends of Trees, Yashar served as Development Director at the Community Cycling Center. He also has a background in international human rights advocacy through roles with United for Iran and various chapters of the United Nations Association (a program of the UN Foundation). Beyond his professional commitments, Yashar finds joy in the simple pleasures of life, spending quality time cuddling with his two feline companions, nurturing an array of houseplants, embarking on adventurous bicycle tours, and indulging his love for the cosmic wonders of Star Trek.

Special Collection: The theme of 2023-2024 is “Climate Crisis”, and ”Friends of Trees is our recipient this month! 

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