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August 9, 2021

Wy’east UUC Board Meeting Minutes

August 9,2021


In Attendance: 

Lana - Moderator

Ruth - Vice Moderator

Linda B - Secretary

Arianna - Treasurer

Eme - At large member


July Minutes: 

Reviewed and approved with the correction that Barbara Ross was not present for the planning session. 

Standard Reports:

Minister’s Report-See attached

Worship Committee Report-See attached

Social Justice Committee Report-See attached

RE Committee Report-see attached

Nominating Committee Report-See attached

Membership Report-No report

Treasurer’s Report- Reviewed and approved. See attached.

Endowment Fund Committee/Finance Committee

1.Karl Aruda has submitted changes in wording to the Endowment Fund Committee. The board will ask him to review and separate the role of the Finance Committee. The board will review these at the September board meeting. The board is grateful for his work on this. 

2. The board agreed for the need to change the Finance Committee from an ad hoc to a standard committee. This will be formalized at the next board meeting and added to the agenda at the special congregational meeting. 

Ministerial Search Committee

The purpose, tasks, and urgency to form this committee were thoughtfully discussed.

Points of Discussion:

  1. Minister vs no minister question is the task of the “Ministerial Search Committee”
  2. If we choose to hire a minister it would be to our advantage to search on a church year schedule
  3. Some expressed the urgency to have the most amount of time possible for this process
  4. Others expressed the need to take our time to “get it right”

Nominating Committee’s Slate of Candidates for the “Ministerial Search Committee”

At this time only 3 candidates have been chosen. Hank Hadaway will contact the committee to suggest adding more candidates.

Board Selection to the “Ministerial Search Committee

The board plans to select Hank Hadaway and Ron Thurston to the committee.

Special Congregational Meeting

The meeting is scheduled on Zoom on September 19,2021 after the service at noon.

The agenda includes voting for

  1. A slate of candidates submitted by the nominating committee for the “ministerial search Committee”
  2. Amendment to the bylaws to reflect the clarification of roles of the Endowment and the Finance committee.
  3. Approval of the Finance Committee as a standing committee

In-person Board vote approval

Lana will contact the 2019-2020 board members and propose a meeting date to meet in person for approval of the 2019-2020 minutes.

Other: Lana was thanked for her good leadership of this committee. 

Next Board Meeting

Scheduled for Tuesday September 7,2021 at 7:00pm on Zoom


Respectfully submitted

Linda Burk, Secretary


Ministers Report—8-21

1) Sermon preparation, newsletter columns, etc. 

This month, with the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks at hand and the coming cascade of media attention, 9-11 will be the focus for my September column and both sermons, along with some thoughts on forgiveness. I hope that you will enjoy them.

2) Phone calls, e-mails. Pastoral calls, Zoom meetings with congregational members/leaders. 

3) Colleague consultation.

4) Martial arts and Spanish language study 

I particularly recommend two Spanish-language films that are available on HBO Latino (an amazing resource!) Both feature casts of mostly non-professional indigenous actors:

Nuestras Madres, on attempts to unearth and tell the truth about atrocities committed by Guatemala’s Protestant fundamentalist-influenced government against Mayan agricultural communities. 

Corazon de Mezquite, set in Mexico and centered around a Yoreme girl’s desire to play the harp for religious ceremonies, a role traditionally reserved for males only

If you would like to have a conversation about these films, please let me know!

5) UUMUAC meetings. UUMUAC offered simultaneous alternative programming during GA grounded in the US civil rights movement, Unitarian, and Universalist history and religious principles. The group has begun to offer nationwide Zoom worship services on third Wednesdays. I will deliver the sermon on October 21. The intent is to strengthen the Unitarian Universalist movement by extending it beyond “UUA” management or control. 

6) 5th Principle Project meetings

7) Attended August 1 service

8) Continued work with Kentucky-based UU/Muslim working group. Our work has come together in a video—directed by the brilliant Mehr Hassan—that aired at this year’s UU General Assembly. It’s available for general viewing after Labor Day at:

9) Attended all business meetings at GA, a frustrating experience. Just one example: UUA leaders proposed a by-law amendment that would eliminate the need for more than one candidate for UUA President and/or Moderator , which would render our votes unnecessary and meaningless:

[Section 9.5. Nomination of President and Moderator. 

(a) President. The Presidential Search Committee shall submit [no fewer than two] one or more nominations for the office of President for an election at the end of a presidential term or for a special election. The report of the Presidential Search Committee shall be announced by February 1 of the year before the General Assembly at which there is to be a presidential election, except in the case of a special election, in which case the report of the Presidential Search Committee shall be announced by December 10 of the year before the election. 

(b) Moderator. The Board of Trustees shall submit one or more nominations for the office of 

Moderator for an election at the end of a Moderator term or for a special election. The report of the Board of Trustees shall be announced by February 1 of the year before the General Assembly at which there is to be a Moderator election, except in the case of a special election, in which case the report of the Board of Trustees shall be announced by December 10 of the year before the election.]

This seems an odd proposal at a GA where the featured speaker was Stacey Abrams, who has done so much to protect and extend voting rights. Some UUA leaders seem to have adopted the position that there is no real need for elections when the “right” leader seeks or claims power. Fortunately, this proposal was defeated. (If any of you would like to see my detailed reflections on several other proposals please let me know and I’ll be happy to send them separately rather than crowd an already long report!)


10) I plan to offer a class taking an in-depth look at the first 11 chapters of the Bible beginning this Fall. The Covid-19 Delta variant situation means that this is likely to be a Zoom class. More news soon!

11) Hearty thanks to Rev. Barbara Stevens who stood by ready to help with pastoral care if needed, and stayed in touch about Jim Minard’s evolving situation! Thanks also to Ron Thurston who is serving as liaison between HSC and Wy’east, two separate but connected institutions. He has become indispensible to both!

12) The Covid-19 Delta variant has thrown many plans and hopes back into uncertainty. Safety first. There’s no rush. I’m prepared to start preaching in person again whenever your collective wisdom (informed by good information) deems the time to be right!


Religious Education

Kate hosted the first of two Wy'camps at Grant Park, and it was a big success. At least 5 families came, and there was music, crafts, snacks, and lots of playing. The next one is August 22nd. We have started an RE library, and Kate is looking into curricula for the coming year. Hiring childcare and finding a new committee chair are simmering items that we haven't moved on yet. 


Nominating the Ministerial Search Committee

Chandra had a good conversation with Lynette, and Lynette is committed to serving the congregation, whether we want a minister or other model. So we have a full slate of nominees: Hank, Ron, Lynette, Bruce, and Anne. It was suggested that the nominees for congregational vote submit short bios, like we ask the board nominees to do. Do we agree with this? Nom Com can take care of that and help with the polling process once we select a date for a congregational meeting.


Worship Committee


Our Worship Calendar is filled out through October. We've had several strong services with great speakers this summer, and have created the opportunity on three Sundays to virtually visit elsewhere -- Eastrose, Pasco, and Mid-Columbia. Those congregations have also or are going to be visiting us in return. Mathias has joined the Worship Committee, which is super. Linda Jo continues to be the point person for everything to do with music, although she's back at work now, including on Sundays, so we won't be seeing her as often. Jack has pulled back some for self-care, and Jocelyn has pulled back altogether. Lana is being the person responsible for scheduling Worship Associates. And we've moved the Water Communion back to October 10th, with the idea that some kind of a hybrid service might be possible by then.  


Social Justice Committee


We have our first Examining Economic Inequality focus speaker, UU Rev. Connie Yost, scheduled in September, and Kaia Sand from Street Roots in October. A third social justice focus service by Portland Jobs with Justice looks to be coming together for January. And our monthly Special Collections are either figured out or being worked on through January as well. There's a steady half-dozen or more people on this committee, which has several advantages: the breadth of perspective is welcomingly increased, and the work load can be spread around.  


Treasurer’s Report

July income was a little higher than budgeted, and expenses were a little lower than budgeted, so we started the year on track. Full report: 7-2021 Treasurers Report