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Congregational Search Committee Meeting Sept. 19 2021

Wy’east UUC Congregational Meeting

September 19,2021 at 12pm via Zoom

Purpose: Establish a Ministerial Search Committee

Lana., Board moderator, opened the meeting with discussion of the purpose of the meeting citing the procedures according to our bylaws and the requirements and timeline required by the UUA

34 members of the 60 members participated which met the required quorum.

Chandra Ivy conducted the tally of the member votes.

  1. Should we form a ministerial search committee?

After much discussion the members voted.   The 80%  threshold was met 

and the motion was carried to form a ministerial search committee

  1. The slate of six candidates was presented by the nomination committee


Barbara, Jeff, Ron, Anne, and Lynette


The board selected Hank and Bruce to serve on the search committee. 


Jeff, Ron, and Anne received the most votes. 


  1. 100% of the voting members voted to affirm Jeff., Anne and Ron to serve on the ministerial search committee.  


The meeting was adjourned at 1:00pm 

Respectfully submitted

Linda B, Secretary