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July 6, 2021

Wy’east UUC Board Meeting

Tuesday July 6, 2021

In Attendance: 

Lana - Moderator

Ruth - Vice Moderator

Linda B - Secretary

Arianna - Treasurer

Eme - At large member




Standard Reports:

  • Minister’s Report- No Report
  • Worship Committee Report- planned services for summer. 3 will be in conjunction with other UU Congregations. 

Music licensing was discussed. Linda Jo said we only needed one license.  Lana expressed concern that the license will cover live and streaming music.

  • Social Justice Committee Report-Special Collection set through October. July 25th is the final Indigenous Peoples speaker. Sept. 26 and Oct 24th are the first 2 speakers on Examining Economic Inequality.
  • RE Committee Report-Mathias plans to resign as RE chair. He is willing to stay until a replacement is found. The official year and 7 principles project ended. Kate and Ari are looking for a once per month Wy Camp in a park. Kate sent out a survey to gauge interest. As well as returning to regular RE in the Fall.  They are beginning to think about hiring a childcare support person. 
  • Membership Report- See below 
  • Return to in person services update- Lana had an initial planning meeting with Ron, Kate, and Anders. Lana has received steady email feedback from members. 
  • Reorienting to Rose City Park Presbyterian Church-Lana and Linda plan to obtain keys and update on the codes.
  • Ministerial Committee Volunteers-Bruce, Ron, Hank, and Lynette. Ari will participate when she can. Lana will check bylaws to determine if the board needs to approve this as an official committee.
  • Reflecting on General Assembly 2021- M.A. will send a summary of the highlights. 


Moving Forward


  • Board email list has been updated to include Ruth and Linda
  • Lana plans to contact Daniale to learn to access Wy’east UU google group
  • New Board positions approved: 

Moderator: Lana

Vice Moderator: Ruth

Secretary: Linda

Treasurer: Arianna

At Large: M.A.

Linda will notify the membership committee of the new board positions.

  • Finance Committee- Board approved D’on and Jocelyn to provide support to the treasurer. (Including submitting payroll, Logging in to the credit union for bank statements, logging into the Square program.) Lana will check bylaws to establish a finance committee which will submit 

payroll, access online banking, and access Square log-in.

  • The Board approved the change of authorized check signers to include Ruth Jenkins and Linda Burk 
  • Board Meeting Day changed to the 2nd Monday of the month. Time will remain at 7:00pm for now. 

Ari will contact Linda M to change this on the calendar. 

Meeting of past and present board members in person:

 to approve past board meeting minutes, Endowment Committee members, Board Discretionary Fund for Zoom License

And contract for Jolanda Walter., and Annual meeting notes/voting 2020-2021 


Possible meeting place: After Sunday service in August at Rose City Park Presbyterian Church.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm


Respectfully submitted: Linda Burk, Secretary.


Membership Report June 2021

1. On 6/9 after Chalice Circle Mariah Springstead said she was ready to commit to Wy'east. I proposed waiting till September when Craig is back and we might be meeting in person and she agreed with that timing. I ran this by Craig and he endorsed it so this will be a great way to start the fall.  If we are able to meet in person at that time we could also expand the ceremony to include the 7 new members that have joined us on Zoom. It was great to see her and her family at the picnic.


2. After sharing emails with Diane I. we agreed to stop doing our monthly member phone tree check ins. I feel we have kept our membership connected during the pandemic and can now start preparing for our return as a regular functioning committee to HSC. I will be spending time during July and August at HSC taking inventory of our supplies to make sure we are ready to go back to in person services  when HSC opens up, hopefully September .


3. Attendance was down a bit in June although we did have 48  on the 13th and I didn't get a head count for Craig's final sermon on the 20th although we did have 37 for his sermon on the 6th. We rose to a new low on the 27th of 18 attending our GA service which is interesting. I had scheduled a Path to Membership Class on that day but we had no visitors and no prior visitors had committed to attend.


4. The Coffee Hour, Chalice Circle and Lilac Meadows continue to run smoothly.


That's it for June!