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September 7, 2021

Wy’east UUC Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday Sept. 7, 2021  via Zoom


Lana Q, Ruth J, Ari L, Linda B, MA A

Hank H, Robin H

Meeting Minutes.

The Aug. 3, 2021 minutes and Aug 9, 2021 special board meeting minutes were reviewed and approved. 

Standard Reports: Accepted

Ministerial: See attached.

Social Justice: See attached

Religious Education: See attached. Mathias plans to resign effective Dec. 2021 Chandra offered to help. Lana noted that co-chairs are a possibility. Ron will work with the nominating committee to search for interested members.

Membership: See attached

Treasurer’s report: see attached. Ari commented that the income is low this month. Money was transferred from savings. An appeal to members may be necessary. Hank H. stated that the Pledge Status Report is sent to members in January for tax purposes. He agreed to send pledge reports at the  beginning of December 2021

Approval of Committee Chairs

Ruth plans to contact the committees for an update. Tabled until Oct. Board meeting.

Outreach to Non pledging members. 

Linda sent 3 letters asking if they wanted to remain members with a deadline of 60 days ( October 12, 2021) to respond. 

Food Justice Fund Oversight

A  vote of the board was approved unanimously  to place disbursement of funds under the purview  of the Treasurer .

Ministerial Search Committee

  • Poll results from “Do we want a minister?”The survey of members and friends had 55 responses with a great deal of comments.  80% Yes, 20% No. The Comments will be given to the Ministerial Search Committee to review. 
  • Ari will draft a summary of results for the congregation with a reminder of the Cong. Meeting on 9/19/21 to vote for 3 candidates from the slate chosen by the Nom. Committee for the Ministerial Search Committee.  
  • Ron will present the results of the survey to the search committee candidates. Ron will send the final slate of candidates to the board this week. 


  • Hank H and Bruce M were selected by the board to serve on the Ministerial Search Committee.


  • Lana plans to contact Chandra I to set up the 9/19/21 election vote over Zoom with possible assistance of Jolanda and Jocelyn. And contact Linda M for announcement in the newsletter


  • Hank stated that a quorum of 40% of members9 (24 members) is required to verify vote results


  • Craig commented that Wy East UUC might have to consider an interim minister for a year or a supply minister. 


Discussion of proposed by law amendments to clarify the Finance Committee role and the Endowment Committee role

Tabled for 3 months. 


Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:15 pm

Next Board meeting 

Monday Oct. 4, 2021 at 7:00pm via Zoom

Respectfully submitted

Linda Burk, Secretary