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Wy’east UUC Board Meeting Jan. 4, 2022

Wy’east UUC Board Meeting Jan. 4, 2022 via Zoom 7:30 pm
Lana Q, Ari L, MA A, Linda B, Rev. Craig M, Ron T.
December Minutes: Reviewed and approved
Standard Reports: See Agenda for details
Minister’s Report
Rev Craig has contacted Annie Haile’s’ niece and son. A funeral service was held at the convenience of the family. Craig plans to say a few words in memory of Annie at the March 6, 2022 service. 
The starting date for adult RE class discussion of the Epic of Gilgamesh is on hold until Craig has recovered from his illness. 
Craig reminded us that reason for hope only comes after we experience anticipation and frustration (during this pandemic).
Membership Committee
Ron reports that 4 visitors filled out personal information last Sunday.  Three may be potential members. 
Children’s RE
Matt volunteered to help out until a person is hired to take care of the young children 
Kate continues to do an amazing job trying to engage the children on Zoom, and planning for in person classes. 
Worship Committee
The board is pleased with the plans to hold collaborative services with the cluster UU congregations on the months with a 5th Sunday.
Social Justice Committee
Reproductive rights will be one of the suggestions presented for consideration to the congregation for next year’s theme/special collections.
Treasurer’s Report
D’On is working on this. Income met the goal of $5000 in December.
Ari plans to contact Bruce M (liaison to HSC) concerning the rent of Hollywood Senior Center. 
Ari and Linda B will meet with Jocelyn to learn the tasks of mail retrieval and check deposits. 
Jocelyn plans to continue entering the financial data.
The finance committee is short one person with the resignation of Jocelyn. Ari stated that she and D’On are managing this for now. It was suggested that the nominating committee try to find a third person. Change to the bylaws to include a 3-person finance committee is on hold until the May congregation meeting.
Return to In Person Services Planning. 
A meeting at HSC is planned for Jan. 9. Lee Springstead will be compensated for his consulting services for tech and set up information. 
HSC has established updated protocols for meeting during the pandemic. They are postponing opening until February. 
Rev. Craig will be the first speaker at an in-person service and he will decide on the date.  
Lana will send a chat message to determine members’ interest in attending in-person services. 
Update to the Wy’east UUC Website
Anders and Ari are doing this. Thank you!
UUA Approved Ministerial Search Profile
UUA sent approval for the profile on January 4, 2022.
The board expressed exuberant appreciation for the sedulous work of the search committee. 
Lana plans to talk with Hank about the process and who will be responsible for hiring a quarter time administrator.
The next board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday February 1, 2022
Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm 
                                Respectfully Submitted
                                Linda Burk, Secretary