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January 5, 2021

In Attendance: Daniale (Moderator)

Lana (Vice Moderator)

Jocelyn (Treasurer)

Arianna (Secretary)

Mark (Member at large)

Craig (Minister)


  • Check-In
  • Meeting Minutes-review from 12/1/20 Board Meeting: Approved
  • Standard Reports:
    • Minister’s Report
      • See attached notes below.
      • Craig has decided to retire at the end of the 2021-22 church year. His preference would be to stay through the summer of 2022. 
      • When should he announce to the congregation?
        • Perhaps during the canvas, which starts in March.
        • It will probably be in its own separate mailing.
      • We will talk to the Committee on Ministry to work up a contract to vote on at the Annual Meeting in May.


  • Worship Committee Report
    • January is fully planned with a mix of speakers.
    • February 14th is a lay-led service that will need more support. M.A. is working on it.
    • April, May, and June, are still fairly open. Social justice speakers are mostly lined up.
    • Craig has sent ideas for a few other speakers to reach out to.
    • Jocelyn will step back from the Worship Committee in the Spring to put attention toward budgeting.


  • Social Justice Committee Report 
    • We’ve had good connections with our sustained partners: Girl Scouts Beyond Bars and Q-Center. 
    • A February collection for Q-Center will be matched by a community partner if we can raise more money than we raised last year.


  • RE Committee Report
    • There’s been a little more engagement, and very positive feedback on pre and post-service breakouts.
    • Kate and others continue to make videos.
    • Popcorn Theology is well-liked by those who have attended, although not many young attendees.
    • Kate is loosely coordinating some of her lessons with Craig’s sermons.
    • Considering another game event via Zoom.


  • Treasurer’s Report
    • The December report will be out soon.
    • Pledge income total was $6K+, which is close to budget.
    • Expenses are still a little bit under budget.
    • Jocelyn will begin the process of budget planning for next year. We’ll set aside time at the March meeting to discuss a draft.
    • Daniale will begin reaching out to potential Canvas Committee members.
    • It’s important for us to be mindful of the necessary tasks that are done in unofficial rolls, like Hank’s sending out year-end tax documents.


  • Membership Committee Report *** see below


  • Digital needs?  Reflections?
    • Anders has recently upgraded the website to the latest Drupal platform.
    • Can we offer Anders an official thank you for the valuable (expensive) work that he is contributing? Lana will send a card on behalf of the board. Jocelyn will reach out and offer reimbursement.


  • Other items/reflections?
    • Can we recognize all the help that people give without the risk of leaving anyone out.
      • We could highlight someone or a group each week in the pre-service slideshow..
        • Let’s start with a slide for the musicians/choir without names. Ari will coordinate that.
      • We could reach out to the Cares and Concerns Committee about this.


  • Ari is filling out the annual UUA congregational certification forms. May ask for help on a few questions.


  • To Confirm when meeting in person:
    • Board:  
      • Meeting Notes April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January
      • Endowment Committee Members
      • Board Discretionary Fund for Zoom License
      • Contract w/ Jolanda Walter
    • Congregation:  Annual Meeting Notes/voting
  • On Hold:
    • Ron would like time to discuss ordering rainbow chalice tees-- waiting until  logo is finalized.
    • GA2022:  will send an email via the newsletter to determine if anyone is interested in hosting any activity. Jolanda will get this started
  • Confirm Next Meeting Date: 2/2/21, 7pm



The big event for the month was Linda Burk's excellent organizing of a full Christmas Dinner complete with turkey, stuffing, veggies and other side dishes and desserts. Linda B. picked up four large turkeys which members roasted and carved and put in aluminum trays. Linda Fields made a run to Cosco for instant mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and other supplies. The congregation came together in great support and Linda B. and Larry Burt delivered everything to Lilac Meadows after church on December 13th. I'm sure it was very well received by the staff and residence.


On December 24 some on the Membership Committee joined others attending the Christmas Eve candle light service and on December 27 members of the Membership committee participated as facilitators in the End of Year Soul Circle Service.


We had two(2) visitors fill out our Visitor registration form in December: Jesse Boyd and Shari Exo. Both were invited to our Path to Membership Class on December 27 but Shari declined saying she was just visiting right now. I encouraged her to return and check out any activities that might interest her. Mabel Pool does an excellent job of sending a welcoming email to each visitor that provides their contact information.


Attendance has remained steady in the low to mid 40's.


Both the Chalice Circle and the Friday Coffee Hour and going strong and poised to begin the new year with renewed sense of community and commitment. A big thank you to Debra, Chandra and Jocelyn for their leadership in Chalice Circle and D'On for keeping the Friday Coffee group together. Craig usually joins us at the Friday event.


We had one visitor to the Path to Membership Class on December 27 (Mariah Springstead) and she and her family live in Hillsboro. They are members of the UUCC church but are not happy with the minister so she came to us looking for community and she says she finds it at Wy'east. She expressed interest in the Chalice Circle so I emailed Debra to see if she would like to invite her to our next meeting. I told Mariah she was free to participate in any activities that interest her and that don't require membership. She and her family of four (2 small kids) would be a good addition to our church family. 


Also Allison Chown who has been a fairly steady visitor since Oct. 11 when she sent me her visitor information sent me an email saying she was planning to attend the PTM class but had a conflict and would try and catch a future one. 




Ministers Report—1-21


1) Sermon preparation, newsletter columns, etc.  Several extra columns around holidays.

2) Phone calls,  e-mails.  Pastoral calls, Zoom meetings with congregational members/leaders.  

3) Colleague consultation.

4) Martial arts and Spanish language study

5) Kentucky UU/Muslim Book study group—recruited PWR-UUA consultant Rev. Summer Al-bayati

 6) Friday virtual “coffee hours”.

7) Preparing for Shrek movie and discussion with Popcorn Theology group. 

8) Prepared string-making and string trick video for RE

9) UUMUAC meetings:  wrote article for early winter edition of newsletter; prepared contribution for upcoming “chapbook” to be released by organization

10) 5th Principle Project meetings

11) Attended most Wy’east Sunday services

12) Preached at Salem UU church

13)  Prepared response to Sunday service survey for Worship team