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Upcoming Worship Services

On the first and third Sunday of each month, we meet for worship at the Community for Positive Aging (formerly Hollywood Senior Center), 1820 NE 40th Ave., Portland, OR. On the 2nd and 4th Sundays worship is entirely online. Every worship service is streamed online on Zoom. Links to streaming worship are in each worship description.

"Weaving Our Lives: General Assembly 2024 Sunday Worship” Rev. Molly Housh Gordon, Minister at UU Church of Columbia, Missouri


We will gather on Zoom as we usually do to virtually join the largest annual gathering of UUs in worship - the Sunday Worship for the UUA 2024 General Assembly. We are all tangled up together in a great web of life that is woven with beauty and hardship, love and loss, thriving and struggle. How do we tend well to the weaving so that all of us are held in care?

This service is led by Rev. Molly Housh Gordon who will be joined by Violet Vonder Haar, Jamila Bachelder, Rev. Leon Dunkely, Rev. Eric Kaminetsky, Rev. Joan Javier-Duvall, Rev. Jordinn Nelson Long, Rev. Aaron Wisman, Rev. Sadie Lansdale, and Rev. Sarah Oglesby-Dunegan.

Featuring musicians: Natasha Steinmacher, GA Music Coordinator; Lea Morris; Francisco Ruiz; beheld; Violet Vonder Haar; Paul Winchester; and choirs from All Souls Unitarian Church, Indianapolis, IN; First Parish in Concord, MA; First Parish UU in Lexington, MA; First UU Congregation of Ann Arbor, MI; UU Fellowship in Athens, GA; UU Fellowship of Poughkeepsie, NY; UU Church in Cherry Hill, NJ; UU Church in Reston, VA; and UU of Minnetonka, MN.

Rev. Molly Housh Gordon

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A lifelong Unitarian Universalist from Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Rev. Molly Housh Gordon is the minister of the UU Church of Columbia, Missouri, where she is currently suing the state of Missouri for their unconstitutional abortion ban alongside 13 other multi-faith clergy co-plaintiffs. Molly is passionate about red-state UU ministry, community organizing, and mutual aid. In addition to her ministry and organizing work, Molly is a published essayist and poet completing a Doctor of Ministry in Creative Writing and Public Theology. Alongside her wonderful spouse, she is the delighted parent of two very fierce young children and one very chill old dog.

Family Service at 9:30 AM


Online (Zoom) Only Worship

Sunday at 10:30 AM

Click here to join the virtual service on Zoom

Meeting ID:  275 194 110

Phone In:  (669) 900-6833

"Pride Celebration: Drag Story Hour Event” A 5th-Sunday Day of Service, Featuring Pride-oriented crafts and a sweet story hour with Kisses


Celebrate Pride with Wy’east Unitarian Universalist Congregation with a Drag Story Hour Event! We invite all young people, in age or heart, to join us for this delightful, fun and love-centered story hour featuring Kisses, the “2023 Vancouver Entertainer of the year,” on Sunday, June 30th from 10:30 to Noon. 

This celebratory event will feature some Pride-oriented crafts and a sweet story hour with Kisses plus lots of belly laughs! 

All are welcome, please join us!


Here are the details:

When: Sunday, June 30th from 10:30 to Noon

Where: Wy’east Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 1820 NE 40th Avenue (inside the Center for Positive Aging)

What: Pride Celebration; Drag Story Hour with Kisses; Craft Activity for Kids

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Kisses Major Ash is a radiant drag queen full of dynamic dance moves, emotional range, and costume changes. A seasoned performer described as “An actress, dancer, circus artist, and my fun aunt’s favorite drag queen.” Although a staple in the Portland drag scene hosting shows like Elevate at the Atlantis lounge, Black Magic at CC Slaughters, and more; Kisses is also a 2 time Miss Gay Vancouver, Imperial Princess 47 of Vancouver, and was named 2023 Vancouver Wa Entertainer of the year. I hope you’re ready to experience the one and only Kisses Major Ash.


There will be NO regular service (either in-person or online) this Sunday.