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UU Field Trip to Pasco Congregation


"Sankofa:  Looking Back/Looking Forward!  (A Journey of power and love!)"

Reggie Harris, songwriter, storyteller, lecturer

Using the music and lessons of the Modern Civil Rights Movement, Reggie Harris will address our current landscape of challenge and social change with songs and stories from the Living Legacy Project.  The Living Legacy Project (LLP) recognizes the importance of not only capturing the Civil Rights Movement story, and our Unitarian Universalist role in it, but of understanding what this story teaches us about the continued work that still needs to be done.  Reggie Harris is current Co-President and Music Education Director for the LLP.


Join Zoom Meeting for Community UU (Pasco)

Meeting ID: 977 6750 7283

Passcode: 895089

Dial in by phone: 253 215 8782


Reggie Harris has been a vital part of international folk and acoustic music circles for over 40 years. He is a songwriter, a storyteller, songleader, educator and a Kennedy Center teaching artist who travels the world presenting over 300 performances a year spreading hope and light through song to audiences of all ages.

A Co- President and the Music Education Director for the Living Legacy Project, Reggie helps to lead pilgrimages to sites of the Modern Civil Rights movement in the southern US. Reggie’s groundbreaking solo CDs “Ready To Go”(2018) and On Solid Ground 2021) along with his musical collaboration “Deeper Than the Skin (2020) with friend and fellow artist Greg Greenway has led to a growing movement of “courageous conversations” on race, faith and history across the nation.  He is as an artist who entertains, educates and builds community throughout the world.