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April 7, 2020

Present: Daniale, Eme, Mathias, Nancy, Craig (non-voting)


Checked in


Meeting minutes from last month: Approved 4 ay/ 0 nay


Minister’s Report:

-Craig has been amazed by Zoom technology and ease of having meetings- number of people participating in the meetings is very impressive- 48 households logged in last Sunday ⅘.

-Craig has determined that Scholastic approves of reading children’s books in these contexts

-Alana’s dance was a great option for the children’s circle component.

-Checked in w/Committee on Ministry regarding the idea of postponing rollout of Covenant of Right Relations. Will be postponed to 3rd Sunday of September


Worship Committee Report:

-Craig says: “the worship committee is kinda keeping the church visible...working overtime.”

-Many additional meetings- many people have really risen to the occasion!

-We should recognize the work of these folks!


Social Justice Committee Report:

Looking toward theme for next year


Treasurer’s Report:

Our income for the month was a bit under 3000, less than half what we would have expected. Expenses were also a bit below the expected amount, resulting in a reduction in our overall assets by about 2500 for the month. That still leaves us with an increase for the year of just over 2500, where the budget would have predicted we would be down by about 600 at this point. Our total assets are just over 60,000. 


Income dipped dramatically with cessation of in-person church services and has been gradually increasing as we work to optimize and communicate regarding online payment infrastructure. Square seems more cumbersome than expected in terms of simplifying the donation page, and I’ve been working with their support (or trying to at least) to get help improving it. There has been a dramatic uptick in donations around the turn of the month that bodes well. Folks are also being encouraged to continue mailing in checks and set this up automatically through their banks. Wish list would include the time to call everybody individually and help them plan for how to continue meeting pledge commitments.


Due to our significant reserves, we’re well-positioned to operate at a “loss” for some time, and we’re lucky that we got the typical yearly influx of $ at the end of the calendar year such that a good chunk of the year’s expected income is in already. 


RE Committee Report (Lana):

-Gratitude to board for continuing to pay employees.

-RE committee didn’t meet in March- just prior to that.

-Next step planned had been to hire Kate F for RE coordinator, hire a new childcare worker.

-If to remain in current position, Lana thinks it would be best to create online curriculum, start sending things on a weekly basis to families.

-Daniale’s perspective as a parent: “anything that comes externally is very welcome at this point”- kids are tired of parents’ efforts to homeschool.

-Family breakout room during social hour?

-We all support Lana!



-Just under 50% for pledge units, 50% of projected budget.

-Financial insecurity is significant- impact on retirement account numbers, per Craig, have not been as bad as people could have feared. Email

-Does not serve a significant purpose.

-Paul would likely need to be disconnected.

  • Mathias will reach out to Anders and ask for him to get this done. 

-Mathias would also like to pass on responsibility of receiving emails- can wait until end of church year.


Pandemic Adjustments

-Major kudos re: zoom services.

  • Getting help from individuals to sing hymns has been really cool

-Zoom security

  • Seems like a really user-friendly platform. 
  • We do post our link on facebook so there is some security risk. 

-Eme has sent out some videos about zoom security- asks the Board to watch them. 

  • Also about the potential we have to connect with many new folks in search of connection in our community.

-It is worthwhile planning to maintain online accessibility past the pandemic to maximize inclusion.


-There has also been a campaign of outreach by volunteers to many members of our congregation. 


-Mathias will pass on to Nancy information regarding stimulus funds available for the congregation. 


-Question: Will the board approve allocating $110 from Board Discretionary budget to pay for UUA-organized congregational zoom account (rather than minister’s discretionary fund)? 4 ayes/0 nays


Endowment process: 

-2nd congregational info Meeting was planned for this Sunday- should we postpone, or add an additional Zoom meeting?

  • The vote on the policy/bylaw change is already scheduled for annual meeting. 

-We’ll try to do it as a breakout group.



-So far no bites for this year- Alana is interested in what it looks like digitally.

-Still unclear what will happen from the UUA end.