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Are you ready to become a member of Wy'east UU?

What is Membership?

Membership at Wy'east means you are part of the operations crew of this self-governing nonprofit community. You can be part of its leadership too, whenever you’re ready.

Membership Means

  • You feel a sense of being valued and accepted.
  • You are a part of a community where you belong and are welcomed.
  • You vote in congregational meetings for officers and important Wy'east issues.
  • You are eligible to serve on the Board, chair a Committee or Task Force.
  • You give the church your generous financial support to the extent you are able.
  • You can have the Minister officiate rites of passage (weddings, memorials, etc.)
  • You receive the quarterly UU World magazine.

The Path to Membership

You can participate in most of the church activities without becoming a member. When you begin to feel this is your church community, you’ve started on the path to membership! 

  • Your first visit: Trying a new church can be daunting, but you get a warm welcome here. After the service you stay for social hour, meet a few people and decide you’ll come back.
  • Your permanent nametag: Within a few visits you sign up for a permanent nametag that appears on the welcome table within the month.
  • You contribute something as the offering basket goes by.
  • You’re a regular: Coming to church almost every week, you find friends with the same interests, and you lend a helping hand. If you have young children, they’re making friends too, in Religious Education classrooms.
  • You volunteer: You help with the things you enjoy, set up and take down our "church in a box;" serve coffee, tea, or snacks during social hour; join a group such as choir, social justice, etc. As you help make church happen, your sense of community is growing.
  • You consider membership: In the Path to Membership class held every few months, you learn more about how Wy'east operates and the privileges and responsibilities of membership. You get a packet of information to help you decide about becoming a member of Wy'east Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

If you aren’t sure you’re ready to be a church member, feel free to continue attending services and taking part in activities as a non-voting Friend of the church. If you later decide to become a member, let us know.

Once You've Decided to Become a Member

  • You commit to support Wy'east with your time, talent and treasure.
  • You make an annual pledge. Because everyone’s financial situation is different, you are the one who decides the amount of your pledge. Pledge amounts are kept confidential.
  • You fill out the pledge form, seal it in the envelope, and give it to our Treasurer, or our Administrator.
  • You sign the Wy'east Membership Book as part of your Sunday New Member Ceremony.
  • You receive a welcoming gift and get handshakes and hugs from the Congregation.

Congratulations! You’re a Member of Wy'east! 

Your path in Membership has just begun. How do you want to shape the future of Wy'east? Do you want to teach a class, share a hobby, reach out to people in need, or change the world?