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August 4, 2020


Present:     Daniale (Moderator)

        Lana (Vice Moderator)

        Jocelyn (Treasurer)

        Arianna ( Secretary)

        Eme (Board Member At-Large)

        Rev. Craig Moro


  • Check-In
  • 7-7-20 Board meeting minutes review and approval
    • Amendment to the social justice report section: added a note about the conflict of meeting time
    • Approved


  • Standard Reports:
    • Worship Committee Report
      • We have services planned for the next three months.
      • We also have themed speakers planned for several of the months for the upcoming year.
      • We are still looking for more worship associates.
      • Technical issues continue to be a challenge. We may need a back-up worship associate in case of internet issues.


  • Social Justice Committee Report 
    • There is a strong level of organization and strong involvement.
    • We are involving organizations that are new to the church’s radar.
    • Craig offered to connect the committee with the policy advisor of Jo Ann Hardesty and author of new police ordinance.


  • RE Committee Report ***see below
    • Kate has started doing family time before service.
    • So far we have not had volunteers for chalice lighting.
    • Who should be doing monthly updates and the annual report?
    • Kate and volunteers are working on videos to send out, which could perhaps involve the older children more.


  • Treasurer’s Report
    • We brought in a little over $2000; we had budgeted around $4000.
    • Expenses were a little lower than expected.
    • Change in savings was a loss of $3000, a greater loss than planned, but understandable given financial uncertainty.
    • Maybe we could send out a letter to remind congregants of their pledges and that it’s a start of the year; maybe wait until we know what the government aid is going to be.
    • We have been invited to not pay rent for Rose City Preschool (formerly Wee Works).
    • We should introduce ourselves as new board members to the congregation; Daniale will make a slide for before the service. We will each send her a headshot.
    • DRE is paid an hourly rate. That is how the contract is written. Kate will have to track her hours and send them to treasurer.


  • Membership Committee Report *** see below
    • They are reaching out during service in the chat box to encourage new members to connect. 10 people have responded. A few are pursuing membership.
    • They offered a path to membership class but no interest this time. They will continue to offer it.
    • Attendance has been 40-50 at Sunday service.
    • They are continuing with the check-in phone tree.


  • Sustainability: We still need more volunteer support around our digital presence.
    • We can frame it as an opportunity to learn a new skill.
    • We could offer a training session on a specific date. Or a breakout room during social hour.
    • D’On has been training people and is available most Saturdays.
    • For those very involved in the production, it’s overwhelming to think about doing this for the next nine months+.
    • Daniale will put together a communication to the congregation including titles and brief descriptions of each production role, as well as ideas for training sessions. She will communicate our ideas with Linda.
    • A goal is to have enough people so we can rotate Sundays so congregants can be present for service, not just work at it.


  • September Meeting
    • Meeting will be the second Tuesday, September 8th.
  • To Confirm when meeting in person:
    • Board:  
      • Meeting Notes April, May, June, July, August
      • Endowment Committee Members
      • Board Discretionary Fund for Zoom License
    • Congregation:  Annual Meeting Notes/voting
  • On Hold:
    • Ron would like time to discuss ordering rainbow chalice tees-- waiting until  logo is finalized.
    • GA2022:  will send an email via the newsletter to determine if anyone is interested in hosting any activity. 
    • Food Justice Task Force


Respectfully submitted by Arianna, Secretary




On July 5th we partnered with the Worship Committee to present our Interdependence Day Service as it was not possible to have a picnic at a city park due to the virus danger. A big thank you to Linda Mac, Alana, D'On, Kate, Diane I., Linda B., and Ruth for their creativity and energy to pull this service together. I presented a Volunteer Recognition trying to cover all of our members who are so essential in the health and growth our Wy'east. I had much input from members as I tried not to leave anyone out. In the end I think it all went well.


The Chalice Circle and Friday morning Coffee & Conversation groups continue to meet on Zoom at the regular times and are appreciated as we try to stay connected and certainly the Worship Committee has done a wonderful job of bringing in gifted speakers addressing Social Justice issues and giving us ways to get involved.


The Social Justice Committee chaired by Chandra continues to meet monthly on Zoom keeping us aware of efforts that need our support.


We offered a Path To Membership breakout room on 7/26 but did not have any visitors interested. The response to the Visitor Information form which I send thru the Chat Box each Sunday morning to all visitors has yielded 10 responses. Of those the most likely to continue on toward Membership are Eugene Utley and Scott McClain. Scott has been attending Wy'east for some time and has attended a Path to Membership class at the Hollywood Senior Center. Eugene attended our breakout room class with Craig present and I think both will join at some point. We will continue to offer this class on the 4th Sunday of the month until we return to the Senior Center and return to the 1st Sunday of every other month rotation.


Attendance at our Zoom services has remained in the 40-50 range for family units and Kate is now offering a special Zoom 20 min. class for the children twice a month at 9:00 AM. I appreciate her creativity and involvement.


Our telephone tree continues to connect with all church members to insure that everyone is able to get their needs met and to offer assistance if necessary. The conversations are great and the members really appreciate the calls.


Religious Education Update

First of all, I am so grateful for the feedback and encouragement from the congregation as I transition into the director of RE position during unprecedented times. 


So far, we are going forward with a three-pronged approach:


  1. Adding a pre-service (9-9:20am) children's/family gathering at least twice a month focused more on the younger children. I will lead the chalice circle we got used to in person and check in with the kids on their joys and concerns. The rest of the time will vary with activities, discussions, and games. Our first one will be this Sunday, July 19 at 9am. The link to join the zoom meeting will be the same as the link for the service. The after-service breakout room will continue as usual and will be more geared towards the older kids. This is a flexible and evolving idea that we can adjust as needed after we see how it is working.
  2. Weekly videos by me, members of the RE committee, and potentially other members of the congregation (all are welcome to participate). These will be short, 5 or so minute videos with craft activities or special talents or stories to showcase. My intention is to be guided by the 7 UU principles (in no particular order). This feels to us kind of like what Wy'camp is during normal times. These videos - the shorter ones -  may be used in place of the story.
  3. We are also brainstorming other ways we can connect outside of Sundays. One idea is family game night one a month or every other month. Another idea is to meet like we will on Sundays but on another day of the week. In this regard, we are also trying to be mindful of everyone's schedules and the time commitment for everyone. 

I met with the worship committee Tuesday to figure out how to involve the kids more and how to incorporate some of these things, and I hope to continue to work closely with WC moving forward.