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December 3, 2019

Wy’east UUC Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, December 3 , 2019



Eme´, Daniale, Mathias, Marcy, and Yu T

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes-review and approval

Moved and approved

Minister’s Report:

1) Sermon preparation, newsletter columns, etc.  

2) Phone calls,  e-mails.  Pastoral calls and visits, meetings with congregational leaders. Hospice visit with Will Pool and family

3) Colleague consultation

4) Martial arts and Spanish language study.  

5) New Member Welcome 12-1

6)  Consulted with Louisville, Kentucky groups holding 8-week series on Islam and UU (see below).  I feel honored to have been asked to help

7)  Any suggestions on CRR draft from Committee on Ministry (see below)?  Suggestions for next steps?

8) Preparing for Will Pool memorial with family.  Will hoped to have it at HSC in January.  Lined up Saturday dates with Amber at HSC.  Family may wish to have it on a Sunday afternoon, early, which would mean we are already set up for the service.  Worship team is ready to help.

9) Matt Lynch helped me to research compatible lapel mic unit for our sound system.  It’s best for me to have my own unit since ours is sometimes unavailable.  I’ll send a bill for reimbursement.

Worship Committee Report

  • Nothing of importance to report

Social Justice Committee Report

  • The Q Center partnership is underway
  • Girl Scouts Beyond Bars shared a report of what they are doing and they have been quite busy this year.

RE Committee Report

  • Debra will be drafting the ad for the RE director soon, and will post in March, and hire in June to replace Lana.
  • Popcorn Theology we have now (UU video curriculum) and Anders will be orchestrating it starting in January.  Most likely Sunday afternoons as an intergenerational event, twice a month.
  • Parent registration forms that include photo permission and allergies etc., and are now in use
  • An idea is to use the HSC on a Friday night for a youth night to help support the middle aged youth.
    • Maybe Alana would be a good source for UU activities/events/networking

Treasurer’s Report 

  • Square Demo and Update
  • Pretty good month: we are reaching our “year end spike”
  • November: surplus of $1400
  • Balance net worth is $56,000
  • Hi folks,
  • Our income for the month was about 7400- just a few hundred more than budgeted-  while our expenses were about 6000, or about 1200 less than budgeted for. This means our savings have increased by about 1400 for the month of November and decreased by about 600 for the church year to-date, putting us in very good shape compared to what we had prepared for, to have decreased our savings by over $3000 by this point in the church year. As expected, we're seeing a year-end spike in pledge income in preparation for taxes, and based on last Sunday's collection, we're on track to maintain that through the end of the calendar year. Check out the Budget Graph tab for a graphical representation of our actual income and expenses for the year thus far compared to projections, and what's expected going forward.
  • Square:  you can donate what you want vs. a choice of prices
    • Still working through the bugs and how it works, like how to associate your name with your pledge
    • It goes directly to the bank account, so wouldn’t need to report it on the green sheet.
    • Mathias will reach out to UU money link to see if there are resources

Yu T

  • Kitchen Commons joint effort with Jocelyn and Yu will be a weekly meeting with this group
    • Jocelyn has been working with them for a while
    • It is self funded
    • Working on a community event where they would be asking for a grant through the city through CNN (Central Northeast Neighborhood Coalition) A max of $3,000 could be awarded.  We can qualify and there is not much competition right now. Yu Te went to the grant writing workshop.  Grant is due January 2nd.
    • Can Wy’East have an official task force for organizing a food group (cooking food, growing food, organizing feasts, and how to make a more spiritual food experience [For example, Native American, Asian, or African American perspective]?
      • May need a resource commitment: depends on what is needed for a certain project
      • Other costs are time for the HSC: Amber is really supportive and gives time at the HSC, and this wouldn’t necessarily be a cost.
        • It may be an additional 2 hours of time, like until 4pm
    • It would be an intergenerational, fun way to bring all sorts of people together
    • What will it mean for Wy’East to be a partner?
      • On the Grant it asks if it is associated with an organization
      • Kitchen Commons is asking for the grant and HSC and Wy’East would be partnered together
    • Yu T will email us on more details about what Wy’East will be committing with a partnership and we can communicate via email
    • The task force does not need board approval, and they can meet freely by their choice when they want.

Back Cabinets


  • Whole cabinet is falling down now, the wood is ripping out.
  • Craig was on the lock detail, so we will get back to him on where this is at
    • HSC might need to be contacted since it is their structure. 
    • Daniale will talk to Craig to see what needs to happen with this.

Closing Up

  • Paul does not want to take on this responsibility any more
  • We need to check with who is there later on the committees.
    • There might be only 2 or 3 Sundays that we need to make sure it is locked up.
    • Mathias will let Daniale know what days Anders will be doing Popcorn Theology
    • Daniale can ask Eme´each month as well

Other items/reflections?

  • Endowment Committee: Good discussions have been happening to get this committee going and bringing the establishment of the committee to the board.
    • They have been meeting for a year
    • What is a time we could meet in January (task force and board) to discuss the establishing of the committee.  
      • Probably needs to be an hour to discuss
      • Would send it ahead of time to review it after January 2nd meeting
      • Write your own questions down to this meeting so you are ready to go
      • January 7th is possible date to meet (we will email all other board business for the month.) (Daniale will email Linda M. to see if the 7th can work)
  • Helen will email her thoughts on Thanksgiving for us to look at in January.
  • Canvas will start to brainstorm in January, so it is upcoming. Matt will be apart as an announcer type job.  We will need some other people.
  • At large member...Jocelyn is still looking for one

Confirm Next Meeting Date:  1/7/20 at  7pm

Motion to adjourn and approved.



Respectfully submitted by Marcy S