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February 4, 2020

Wy’east UUC Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, February 4 , 2020



Present: Daniale, Mathias, Craig, Eme´, Marcy, and Nancy

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes-review and approval

Minutes moved and approved

Minister’s Report:

1) Sermon preparation, newsletter columns, etc. 


2) Phone calls,  e-mails.  Pastoral calls and visits, meetings with congregational leaders.  


3) Colleague consultation (UUA and UUMA issues)


4) Martial arts and Spanish language study. 


5) Path to Membership class Jan. 5


6)  UU History Class (Scheduled for all 2nd Friday’s through June)...about 5 people are coming


7)  Met with Senior/Coffee and Conversation Group


8) Will Pool celebration of life, planning and service on Jan. 25.  Many, many hours of work—and many, many thanks to a great congregation!

9) Memorial for colleague the Rev. Bob Shaibly

10) Guest preaching at WHUUF

Worship Committee Report

  • Booked through the end of June
  • They have worship associates through February

RE Committee Report

  • Popcorn Theology turn out was pretty good
  • Kate said she would like to take RE Director...still deciding if we need to interview...this would be a good idea to interview to go over expectations and role with her.
    • Kate has been on the committee and would be a good choice
      • She is also paid to do set-up, so should talk about if she wants to be apart of set-up still
    • Oregon law says 14 years olds and older can be hired. (Kate’s daughter may be a choice...she has babysitter’s certification)
    • Liana will be in a transitional phase to help support (there is money in the budget for this)

Treasurer’s Report 

  • Square Demo and Update
  • We just covered expenses
  • Ahead for the year overall, December had a huge surplus
  • Donate button is operational
    • Is there more we can do to make sure we have a more routine collection of pledges with donation link?
  • Mathias will take over the Green Sheet that goes to the bank (previously Hank managed this)
  • See the treasurer's report for last month, attached. Our savings decreased by about $440 for the month, while for the year to date we've seen an increase of just over 7000. It's typical to be ahead at this point in the year and we'll likely see that increase whittle away as we move toward the end of the church year. While our income for January is a few thousand dollars lower than projected, our income in December was several thousand higher, so things about even out in terms of our expectations. Our total funds are almost unchanged from last month, at just under 65 thousand.
  • Take a look at the Budget Summary and Budget Graph tabs for the clearest depictions of what I just explained. Don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions. 

Chalice Lighters Representative

  • Barbara S-T used to be this role
  • The role is helping raise money for supplies throughout the Pacific Northwest District of UU’s for congregations in need.
  • Could we put an email out to see if anyone is interested?  Eme´will do this.

GA Prep?


  • Could start with last year’s delegates...Alana and would be an online delegate since it is in Providence, RI. 
  • It will be minimal costs for online delegates
  • Maybe we could broaden the invite to others? Daniale will email Linda M. to make announcement

Endowment Task Force Approval

  • Not sure if those on the task force want to be on the committee, which could pose a future search for people.
  • Motion to approve the Endowment task force policy, and approved the bylaw amendment to move for the congregational approval, 
    • All yay’s and no nay’s

Closing Up

  • SJC sustained partnerships are going good.  Girl Scouts Beyond Bars 2nd collection will be in February
    • The Q Center seems doing well, too

Other items/reflections?

  • Hank, Matt, and Bruce will be on the Canvass this year again
    • Maybe we can do something nice for them at the annual meeting?
  • Marcy will have 1 more meeting (March) and then will have to leave the board for the remainder of the term, and not to come back for a second term.
    • Mathias will take over notes for the remainder of Marcy’s note-taking and secretarial duties
    • Daniale will take notes at the budget meeting for Mathias
    • Marcy will be on stand-by for the Annual Report 
  • There will be 3 people to fill for the next board term (Mathias, Marcy, and Nancy)

Confirm Next Meeting Date:  3/5/20 at  7pm

  • Motion to adjourn and approved