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May 5, 2020

Wy’east UU Congregation, 5-5-2020 Board Meeting Minutes


Present: Daniale, Eme, Mathias, Nancy, Craig (non-voting)


Checked in


Meeting Minutes-review and approval


Standard Reports:

  • Minister’s Report
    • Lots of Zoom. Will be taking part in a service in Kentucky soon. Got approval to use Scholastic books. 
  • Worship Committee Report
    • Committee met this afternoon- continuing on an accelerated schedule of every two weeks. Continuing to keep working at “the big job of keeping the community together.” 
    • Folder consolidation- we may just want to make a separate google drive folder for the Worship committee.
  • Social Justice Committee Report (Theme for next year:  Indigenous Peoples)
    • Great conversations were had- one option of Class warfare/class inequity- we don’t know enough for it to feel right to be the theme for the whole year.
    • Lots of good organizations were proposed.
    • Board approved unanimously- We’ll officially vote on this at the annual meeting.
    • Our Zoom capacities give us the ability now to more easily incorporate speakers from around the U.S.
  • RE Committee Report
    • Working to reinstate popcorn theology
  • Treasurer’s Report (including Canvass update)

Our income for the month of April was about $2600, less than half of what we would have projected for a typical April. Our expenses were just over 5000, or about 1200 less than budgeted for the month. This means that, our overall funds have decreased by about $2500 for the month, largely due to a reduction in pledge payments that most people would normally drop as a check in the basket during the service. If you look at the budget graph tab, you'll see a chart showing that our income has held pretty much steady from March, which is somewhat good news for our transition to COVID-19 conditions given that March was a month that still included two in-person services. Still, this means that in the month of April we've gotten to the point where we're about even in income and expenses for the church year to date, and if this continues for the remaining three months of the church we'll end up having reduced our savings by about $7500 by the time next church year begins.

  • We’re unlikely to get funding from the federal government for the Payroll Protection Program
  • We still have over $300 in Food Justice reserve that can go toward our shelter meals.

Annual Meeting Prep

  • Zoom Polling (Jocelyn will help)
    • Possible to do it confidentially
  • Agenda (do we want a slideshow?)
  • Nominations: Ari L is interested, so is Lana A
  • Usually Craig disappears from the meeting due to congregational vote on his continuing as minister.

Reflections on Digital Wy’east

  • Attendance has stayed very high- some folks even more engaged.
  • More stay for sermon discussion
  • Concern about Donate platform/procedures
    • Mathias is planning to reach out to request support
    • A different platform might be better-suited to our purposes.
    • Daniale will reach out to Linda to request that payment info be sent out during the service
  • Everyone is really happy about how well the services are going.

GA 2020

  • Lana A and Alana H are likely open to this.

Other items/reflections?

To Confirm when meeting in person:

  • Meeting Notes April, May
  • Board Discretionary Fund for Zoom License
  • On Hold:
    • Ron would like time to discuss ordering rainbow chalice tees-- waiting until logo is finalized.


Respectfully submitted by Mathias Q, acting secretary