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November 5, 2019

Wy’east UUC Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 5  , 2019



Present: Eme´, Craig, Mathias, Daniale, and Marcy

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes-review and approval

Motion, moved, and approved

Minister’s Report

  • Covenant of Right Relations Draft...Lana helped put it in brief action statements
  • The board needs to look these over and see if they have any thoughts or comments (We have until Feb or March to get it out to congregation)
  • We need to get any comments ready by next meeting.

1) Sermon preparation, newsletter columns, etc. 

2) Phone calls,  e-mails. Pastoral calls and visits, meetings with congregational leaders.

3) Colleague consultation

4) Martial arts and Spanish language study. 

5) Path to Membership class 11-3 -There are 2 new people!

6) New Member Welcome scheduled for 12-1

7) Attended South Asian film series with Wy’east members

8) Attended Seniors Group at RCPPC on 10-18—almost 20 attended!

9)  Worked on CRR draft with Committee on Ministry (see the link below) 

Worship Committee Report

  • They are working hard, and getting  insights from a younger perspective, Alana, in the congregation.
  • Good conversation happening

Social Justice Report

  • A SJC member will read about the special collection for the month for the National Voting Right Institute in Alabama since it is so far away.
  • Things are going well and coming along

RE Committee Report

  • Debra T. will take on some responsibility on posting to find a new RE coordinator, and is also taking more leadership in some of the curriculum to target the older student engagement.
  • Can RE have some money dedicated to refresh it, especially since losing Lana and more kids are coming? Mathias will bring it up to the committee.
  • Finding 1 volunteer each week to help teach, with some regular volunteers each week.

Treasurer’s Report 

  • Attached, please see our treasurer's report for the month of October. You'll notice on the "budget graph" tab that our income, totalling about $9700, was significantly up for the month while our expenses were about what was budgeted, meaning we added about $3500 to our account where we had budgeted to withdraw around $500. This means that for the year, we have decreased our savings by about $2000, significantly less than the roughly $3500 we had budgeted to have withdrawn by now. We'll see how things progress through the end of the year! Our total account balances are about $55.5 thousand. 
  • Square reader is coming in the mail and we have the account.  We just need to test it out first before it goes on the website.
    • Maybe get input from the congregation on what would work best:
      • A certain station or a person manning a station during the donation time???

At Large Member

  • Diana wants to continue to work with the digital refresh and wants to focus on that right now and not be on the board right now.
  • Jocelyn will start engaging the Nominating committee to find a new board meeting.

GA 2022

  • It will be in Portland
  • Will we be able to show people around the city or rent out rooms?  We might be able to get money for the congregation for this.
  • We can throw it out to the congregation to see if there is any interest...Daniale will let Linda M. know

Mt. Hood Cluster Safety Question 

  • Was wondering if we would fill out a questionnaire about safety...Craig will do.

Other items/reflections?

-Jim would like a Wy’east UUC stamp for books

--Ron would like time in September to discuss ordering rainbow chalice tees-- wait until  logo is finalized?

  • For Jim--the stamp will be in the works and it can be a part of the digital refresh commission and use its logo.  Daniale will send it to Linda M. to add to the list of to do’s.

Confirm Next Meeting Date: 12 /3, 7pm

Moved, approved,  and adjourned



Respectfully submitted by Marcy S