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September 10, 2019

Wy’east UUC Board Minutes

Tuesday, September 10 , 2019



Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm

Present: Daniale, Craig, Eme´, Marcy, and Mathias

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes-review and approval

Moved and approved August minutes

Minister’s Report:

1) Sermon preparation, newsletter columns, etc.

2) Phone calls, e-mails. Pastoral calls and visits, meetings with congregational leaders.

3) Colleague consultation

4) Martial arts and Spanish language study.

5) Contacted RCPCC about use of facilities for memorial services. Downstairs Fellowship

Hall rents for $200, Chapel for $100. Local “presbytery” must approve use of main

sanctuary by other religious groups. Contacted Rev. David Dornack to get this “pre-

approved” and set up a meeting with him, which he was unfortunately unable to make.

We’ll reschedule and I’ll keep you posted.

6) Working with group of colleagues to counteract toxic tendencies in and actions by the

UUMA. This has involved many hours of meetings, emails, letters, etc. Work that must be

done, but I can’t say that it brings me joy.

7) Will take defibrillator training at HSC on September 11. HSC manager invited all regular

building users to send a representative, so I was happy to volunteer!

8) Attended all August services. Other Sunday commitments will unfortunately keep me

from attending September services except for 9-1 and 9-15.

Worship Committee Report

  • Things looking good.
  • Trying to fine tune how the weekly service is run.
  • They have until the first of the year planned.
  • “Land Acknowledgment” and where our name comes from is being discussed in connection with Native Americans and may be a future service.
    • Service focusing on our indigenous community is coming up

RE Committee

  • Trying to get registration forms out to parents
  • Looking at purchasing a curriculum, Popcorn Theology is one program that they are considering for 5th grade and above.
  • The RE team has about 6 people in it.
  • “Welcoming Children” inserts are being discussed to go into the inserts
  • Trying to integrate some children activities into the different committees. They want to get ideas from the different committees of how the kids can be involved.
  • Lana would like this to be her final year as the coordinator, so maybe January would be a more proactive stance to find someone, so the new person can get trained into the RE program.

Treasurer’s Report 

  • I was a bit mistaken in the estimate I gave at our meeting because I didn't account for the couple-thousand in un-cashed checks we've written over the years, which are reflected in our records but not in our actual bank account balance. In any case,  Our savings decreased by just over 1500 last month and have decreased a total of just over 4200 for the church year, where we had expected to be down by just over 1000. This is mostly due to income about 3000 lower than the amount expected by this point, again with the caveat that our income projections are still in need of recalibration and most of the deficit in budgeted income is attributable to July, where we had 3820 in income where we had expected 5835.
  • Also to note- our worship expenses thus far are about 500 ahead of the budgeted amount, but our budgeted expense does not account for the high proportion of guest speaker fees expected during summer. So overall, I would say we remain on track for the year. I'll do my best to get around to calculating new income projections in the next month. In the meantime, despite the decrease in our savings, we generally get the bulk of our income as we progress toward the end of the year- so no need to worry unless we start to see significantly-lower-than-expected income in those coming months. Our savings remain at about  53,400.
  • Software update: Hank and D’on spent time trying to coordinate the new program and the old.  She talked with the new software customer service, and she recommended that we do not move forward of Ministry Tracker.  Mainly, there is no audit trail.
  • Need to take the donate button off for now.
  • Need to decide what other donate button to use, more information will be gathered soon to bring to the board.
  • There is  talk of adding another budget line, maybe something called “building fund” or something more specific like a “growth fund”...more needs to be discussed here on the specifics
  • We need to think about the budget and our savings and what best way to coordinate both for the future.
  • Food Justice Fund: there are some questions as to who manages these funds.  Mathias found that it is up to the board and see if anyone has a request to how to spend it for now, and then at the next year’s budget report it can be a line in the budget and sent to a committee to manage.
    • Maybe we could use it for the larger shelter meals that are monthly.
    • Mathias will send out an email to the folks that are working with food justice and let them know that these funds are available if needed.

Social Justice Committee Report

-Q-Center Sustained Partnership:  Document (vote required)

  • Moved and approved to present the partnership with the Q-Center to bring it to a vote with the congregation.

Digital Refresh- needs funds to be approved to get going

  • Needs funds for graphic designer which would be $900 to design logo for Wy’east
  • There would need to be additional money needed for later graphic design projects
  • Linda wants the congregation to be apart of the logo design in a democratic process, once the logo choices have been designed
  • Moved and approved to designate the $900 to get started with the project.

Quick Tidbits

-Document Cataloguing and Shredding

-Lost & Found Area

-Cabinet Locks

  • Shredding is okay for old pledge forms
  • Lost and Found location: library cart for now
  • Locks on the Cabinets: Craig will take a look at this to remedy.

Other items/reflections?

-Ron would like time in September to discuss ordering rainbow chalice tees-- wait until  logo is finalized?

-Statement of Climate Resistance & Congregational Endorsement: Link 

  • Ron knows he is on hold until the logo is finalized
  • “Statement of Climate Resistance & Congregational Endorsements”  will be talked about next month
  • Hollywood Senior Center Bathroom proposed change of signage on the bathrooms for gender equality...there is a sign Jocelyn is crafting for board approval later
    • Craig will go to the HSC and will know more

Confirm Next Meeting Date:  10/1, 7pm

  • Moved and approved to adjourn


Respectfully submitted by Marcy S