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August 7, 2018

Wy’east UUC Board Minutes

Tuesday, August 7, 2018



Meeting called to order at

Present: Mathias, Craig, Daniale, Marcy and Hadrian

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes-review and approval

Meeting minutes approved from July meeting

Minister’s Report

-Wy’east leading UU principle translations, working on Farsi language

- St. Patrick’s sermon theme for March

-Several Saturday workshop meetings will be coming in the fall

-Covenant of Right Relations (CRR)

-Responsible Behavior Policy (RBP)

-CRR meeting after Sunday service sometime in August pending with scheduling a date

Treasurer’s Report and reimbursement form

-Reimbursement form has been simplified and more clear for expenses over $100

-Motion to accept form unanimously approved

-Income for the month is $5738 (out of projected $5775) and our expenses were $6085 out of projected $6253. This leaves us with a deficit for the month of -$347 compared to project deficit of -$478.

Closing Procedures

-Mathias will look if there is a closing procedure in Google Docs or check with some member if it is already created

-Craig will check with Senior Group member about alarming

-Daniale will check with poetry group committee chair to see if they can alarm

Wy’east Message Machine Checker Job

-We need to find a new message checker

-Hadrian will check with previous Wy’East Message checker if we pay for a messaging service or not

Garage Sale Fundraiser

-No interest in this from the congregation through email invite

-Daniale will let the congregation know that there will not be a garage sale this year

-Hadrian will look into a booth at the Saturday Farmers Market in Hollywood to possibly sell something

-Other options were discussed (bake sale, spaghetti and sing, facebook event promoter)

Social Hour

Start to promote things at social hour and create event on Facebook, Daniale will check with who manages facebook at Wy’East to get added to be able to add events.

Professional Development Opportunities

-We need a procedure for congregants on how to apply for funds for PD and if funds are available, sponsor them.

-Mathias will let certain congregants, who have shown interest, to let them know of  opportunities to sponsor them for PD

-Create a short form for a sponsorship application, when there is an event many congregants might be interested in

-We will further talk about this at next meeting

Our Whole Lives

Congregant at Wy’East  is interested in leading the Our Whole Lives program for the children

Board Agenda Procedure

-Proposed to put “action items” first in agenda with time limit, to make sure they get done

-”Information items” can be later on the agenda and if time is unavailable discuss via email

-Procedure is to email Daniale an item you want to put on agenda and say if it is an “action item” or an “informational item” if you don’t say it will default to informational.

-When the upcoming board meeting week is upon us it was suggested to put it in the Weekly Newsletter email, so if anyone has a board meeting agenda item they can email Daniale and get it on the agenda.

Confirm Next Meeting Date:  8/7, 7pm

Moved and approved to adjourn meeting


Respectfully submitted by Marcy