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Board Meeting 5/9/2017

Board Meeting 5/09/2017


Board Members: Bruce, Barbara, Jane, D’On, Paul

Minister: Rev Craig Moro

●Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm.

●Meeting Minutes

○The corrected minutes of the board meeting on 4/11/2017 and the minutes of the meeting on 4/23/2017 were posted in Googledocs prior to the meeting.

○Jane moved and D’On seconded that we approve the corrected 4/11 minutes and the 4/23 minutes as posted. Approved unanimously.

●Treasurer’s Report

○The April treasurer’s report was posted in Googledocs prior to the meeting.

●Budget Report

○The only change from what was presented to the congregation is to adjust the pledge total.

●Minister’s Report

○The minister’s report was distributed via email prior to the meeting.

○In the fall, Craig is planning an elevator speech/front porch conversation workshop in early October with the results shared with the congregation on the last Sunday in October. The first Sunday in November he will preach on his own elevator speech.

○The mission/vision statement workshop might be in January. We may get assistance from someone from the PNWD.

○Relates to long range planning (see below)

○Anders might be a good resource for wordsmithing.

○We should avoid committee wordsmithing.

●Agenda for Congregational Meeting May 21st

○Approve minutes of last year’s meeting.

○Vote on budget

○Vote on new board members

○Vote on nominating committee

○Vote on social justice theme

○Distribute Annual Report


●DRE Replacement

○Ellie is leaving us due to family demands.

○Anders has put an ad on Craig’s list. He already has a candidate. Anders, Craig, and the members of the RE committee will interview the candidate.

○D’On can facilitate the background check.


●Lana is planning to participate in GA via the Internet.

○We will certify her as a delegate. Bruce will investigate how to do this on the UUA web site.

○Bruce will send an email to incoming board and committee chairs -- we will pay their online registration from board discretionary funds if they want to be a delegate.


●Long Range Planning

○We need a schedule so we’re sure to be ready when the canvass starts next March.

○Eme suggests a long range planning committee. It should be separate from the board, but with board participation.

○The process seems amorphous. Aspects that could be part of the process are space, mission, and program. Which is it? If more than one, should there be separate groups of people working different issues?

○We need to have conversations with potential committee members.

○Do we want a consultant, perhaps from the District or Region?

○For input we have information from minister’s search, leadership meeting last fall, and the future timeline.

○What is the ask? What should the outcome be? Come to next board meeting with ideas.

○For Bruce it’s “How do we get there?” more than “Where do we want to go?”


●Worship Committee

○Changing the layout for the weekly order of service to make it generic (efficiency issues)

○Actively crafting our speaker lineup through summer and early fall

■Fewer ministerial sermons this summer

○Discussions about incorporating a new "This I Believe" series

■Especially from new congregants -- further integrating them into the community and worship

○Some growing momentum with congregational music

■Much positive feedback from participants and congregation

○New Worship Associates are taking to their role/responsibility with much enthusiasm


●Confirm Next Two Meetings’ Dates & Times

○June 13, 2017 at 7 pm at RCPP. (Barbara will have to Skype in.)

○July 11, 2017 at 7 pm at RCPP. (Tentative, the new board may have new constraints. Nothing needs to go in the newsletter until after the June meeting.)


●Meeting adjourned at 8:24 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Smith-Thomas, secretary