Board Meeting 9/12/2017

Board Meeting 9/12/17

Present:  Bruce, Paul, Daniale, Mathias, D’on, Craig, Diane, Linda

Meeting called to order at 7:04

Meeting Minutes:

  • Check-In
  • Membership Committee question and answer
    • New members on the membership committee
    • Cares and concerns will transition to more of a pastoral care model instead of just a card
    • How can we be more welcoming & how can we get people involved in volunteering?
      • Looking at adjusting the physical layout at the front of HSC
      • Getting more people involved in the running of the services--specifically the smaller tasks.  Announcing periodically is a good idea, especially when extra need, like senior group.  Volunteer coordinator?  A pair of people to trade off duties (similar to ushering)?
      • Should we adjust the name tag identification?  For example, a “year you became a member” pin?  Temporary name badges to help new folks get acquainted.  Photos on the website.
  • Meeting Minutes-review and approval
    • Minutes edited, D’on accepts, Mathias seconds, all move to accept
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • We are currently slightly under budget and will keep an eye on pledges for the next month and make announcements as needed
  • Worship Committee Report
    • New Order of Service, so far it’s gone well, and can be adjusted as needed
    • More people turning out for service on music days
    • The list of worship associates is growing
    • Potential growth of Worship Committee Members
  • Minister’s Report
    • Emailed to board prior to board meeting
    • Picking up the Reed College group
    • Added rallies to typical report
    • Emailed timeline for logical progression of workshops
    • Braille hymnals not necessarily a logical purchase, we can use software that can allow sight-impaired individuals to access the worship materials.  This information should be available on the website.
  • Garage Sale Status
    • Scheduled and moving forward nicely.  9/22 and 9/23. If anyone has items, can schedule w/ Bruce for a dropoff time.
  • Removal of Michael Andrade from the list of members, Letter to Ardis BayLaurael asking if she wishes to be removed.  
    • Michael Andrade:  Bruce moves, Mathias seconds, motion carries.
    • Ardis BayLaurael:  communication via email with Daniale, communicating that she wishes to be removed from membership list.  Bruce moves to remove, Paul seconds, motion carries. 
  • Contract Extensions
    • Signed and finalized
  • Strategic Planning Committee
    • Slightly stalled at the moment, still searching for a chair.
    • Making announcement via service and email to lay the groundwork to build the committee
  • Report on Board Development Day
    • Three major planks of the day:  Trust within congregations, Transitioning from contractual to covenantal congregation, Taking leadership as a board (clearly defined roles for Responsibility, Accountability, Consultants, and Informed members of the congregation)--building on the mission of the congregation
    • Focus on how the board spends its time:  according to the information presented the board should spend very little time on the “nitty gritty” and more time on the bigger picture items.  
    • Strong emphasis on looking at jobs list and defining the RACI roles.
  • D’on will resign from the Board, and will take steps to make that official.
  • Schedule Next Two Meetings’ Dates & Times

October 10th.  Invite RE Nicole--Bruce will invite

November 14th.

Parking Lot:  No additions

Bruce moves to adjourn, Paul seconds, all move to accept.

Meeting adjourned 8:31

Respectfully Submitted by Daniale Lynch


Wednesday, October 4, 2017