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Board Minutes June 9,2016

Board Meeting 6/9/2016


Board Members: Jane, D’On, Paul, Barbara

Incoming Board Member: Bruce

Minister: Rev. Craig Moro


●On May 18, Barbara moved and D’On seconded that the Wy’east Board authorize Paul S to solemnize weddings. The motion was approved unanimously via email. Barbara has created a letter and given it to him.

●The meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm.

●Minutes of the 5/12/2016 meeting:

○Barbara distributed the minutes of the 5/12/2016 meeting

○D’On moved to approve the minutes as distributed; Jane seconded.

○Approved unanimously.


●Treasurer’s Report

○The May report hasn’t been reconciled so there is no treasurer’s report this month.

○When developing the budget we forgot that we had said we were going to budget for a congregational contribution to the Village Support Network for a new family. Barbara recommends that the board exercise its authority to spend up to 5% of the annual budget without congregational approval, per the bylaws, and record it in Community Presence. 5% of the 2016-17 budget is $4,053.50. Jane will talk with the VSN team.

○Do we want to go ahead now with additional chairs for the HSC?

■Should we put together the task force before making any purchases? Bruce is willing to pull the group together.

■What discussion do we need to have with the HSC first?

■We should have some breathing room over the summer.

○D’On will have another conversation with Amber about the rent.

●Jill D membership

○We were unable to contact Jill D during the last canvass. She did not respond to a letter asking whether she wanted to continue her membership.

○Per the bylaws, Barbara moved that Jill be removed from the list of Wy’east members. D’On seconded. Motion tabled to next meeting.

○Paul will attempt to contact Jill this month.

●We need a backup manager for the Wy’east Board email list

○Paul volunteered.

○Google groups will not allow someone with a non gmail account to be a manager. We’ll need someone else.

●Minister’s Report

○The minister’s report was distributed via email prior to the meeting

○Craig wants a partner to attend GA remotely with him. He also wants the person to meet with him prior to GA.

○There were about a dozen of us at the adult RE class last Saturday.

●Committee on Ministry

○We now have Lana and Karl. They need to pick a third member.

○They haven’t gotten together yet.

○They should be ready to go in the fall.

●Village Support Network

○Barbara R wants to know what the board wants from them on an ongoing basis.

○We don’t ask any of our committees to report back to us on a regular basis, although in the past we have had some liaison with committees.

○A paragraph in the Annual Report is appropriate.

○We observe that the VSN work should be listed as one of the Social Justice Committee’s long term relationships.

●Board Officers

○Note that we need to make the official selection next meeting.

○D’On is willing to continue as Treasurer; Barbara is willing to continue as Secretary; Jane is willing to continue as Vice Moderator.

○We’ll postpone the decision until next month.

●Membership committee

○At the moment we don’t have a membership committee, nor do we have a membership process.

○Barbara talked with Mabel. She is willing to be involved.

○Jane thinks that Linda B would be a good person to have on the committee. Jane will ask her if she is willing.

○Note that the roles of the membership and the engagement committees need to be clearly delineated.

○Getting Joyce W involved is a possibility.

●Next meetings:

○Third Tuesdays, 7 pm.

○July 19 and August 16.

○July at D’On’s; August at Jane’s.

○Barbara will get something in the newsletter.

●Paul moves we adjourn; D’On seconds. Approved unanimously.

●Meeting adjourned at 8:56 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Smith-Thomas, Secretary