Board Minutes September 20, 2016

Board Meeting 9/20/2016


Board Members: Bruce, Barbara, D’On, Jane, Paul

Minister: Rev Craig Moro

● On 9/4/16 D’On moved that the board authorize $500 in non-budgeted expense to New City Initiative, to be recorded as a new line item in the Community Presence section of our financial report.  This constitutes half of the $1000 payment required with the start-up of our new VSN family (half to New City for their expenses and half on deposit for our team to spend with the family). Barbara seconded. By 9/10 the motion was approved unanimously via email

●Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm.

●Meeting minutes: The minutes of the board meeting on 8/16/16 were distributed by Barbara. Jane moved they be approved with corrections as noted by D’On. Bruce seconded. Approved unanimously.

○D’On notes that she has not produced a generic order of service because we seem to be using the yellow covers plus inserts again. Barbara will print copies of a new yellow cover later this week. We need to touch bases with the worship committee again.

○D’On suggests we approve the minutes via email between meetings.

●The Treasurer’s Report

○The Treasurer’s Report was posted in Googledocs prior to the meeting.

○We are doing better than expected. But, it’s too soon to anticipate/project that we will not end with the expected deficit.

○We were notified by the State of Oregon that they did not receive our payroll taxes for the second quarter. D’On has been in touch with the payroll service.

  • The Minister’s Report was posted in Googledocs prior to the meeting.
  • The history class last Saturday was fun. There were 5 attendees. The library at Rose City Park Presbyterian is a good location.
  • Craig will check on WIFI availability at Rose City Park Presbyterian.
  • Facilities Report:
    • Bruce has chatted with Amber.
    • We need to discuss the rent in good time for next year.
    • We’ll postpone the discussion about the broken blind until later. It can be propped up to allow visibility into the classroom, satisfying our safe congregations policy.

●20th Anniversary Celebration

○We propose April 9, the second Sunday in April.

○Bruce will speak with Linda to confirm that date. (Done)

○Barbara will check with Tode to see if the space he suggested would be available.

○Barbara will follow up on putting the committee together.

●Newsletter Editor

○Linda F has taken over editing the newsletter.

○Sharai will continue to help with the technical pieces.

●Congregational Leadership retreat

○Sarah has a couple of hours of material she would like to share with us.

○Jane would like us to do some vision/planning on a one year horizon and a several year horizon. What’s our goal vis-a-vis congregational size, identity, organizational structure, and possible changes? Jane will talk with Sarah to clarify what we want from her.

○We need to clarify if the region/district would like payment. (No, it’s included in our fair share dues contribution.)

○Who are the key people: board, committee chairs, others who have key roles.

○We chose 10/29 from 9 to 12. Jane will talk with Sarah to confirm the date.

○Craig will contact Romalia to reserve the library at RCPP.

●Volunteer Recognition

○Paul reports that it was discussed at the Worship Committee Meeting. They didn’t come to a resolution.

○D’On suggests some description of what the group being recognized does, as well as saying thanks and recruiting more volunteers.

○Paul will take it back to the worship committee.

●Barbara moves that we remove Jill d from the list of Wy’east members. Bruce seconds. Approved unanimously.

●Christmas Services

○Christmas Eve is on Saturday. Christmas Day is on Sunday.

○The worship committee doesn’t think it’s worth doing two services. They choose Christmas Eve.

○Barbara suggests Christmas morning potluck breakfast.

●Next meeting: Oct 18 at RCPP if the WIFI is adequate. Barbara’s house is backup.

●Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Smith-Thomas, secretary

Tuesday, September 20, 2016