December 8, 2009

Wy'east Board meeting on December 8th, 2009

Present: Karl, Mark, Elizabeth, Tode, Susan, (and Tim visiting)

First we did check-ins.

Then we spoke about woman who has been coming to Sunday morning services with an assistance dog. Because this dog is not formally trained, its behavior can be distracting. We talked about the possibility of helping the woman get the dog some training.

The current Path To Membership class is to include Carol, KIm, Ardis, Brooke, and Marie. Other possibilities are Amber and Chad, plus Mark and Christy.

The money that the kids raise in their Religious Education classes through a craft and bake sale is to go to the Goose Hollow Family Shelter.

The swing dance and silent auction fundraising event on December 4th brought in at least $1,325 net. It was successful, and fun.

There were some monies and items from the event that Barbara was taking care of for Alex, but those have since been returned through him.

For our March 6th, Cole Porter event, we may do another auction. Also, we need to get notification of this event into the Eastrose newsletter. A team of Wy'easters has yet to be put together to manage this event. Suggested possibilities include Jo and Carol.

Brooke is to begin lay leading. She is also joining the Worship Committee in January.

Susan has seen Gene T., and he is doing great. In fact, wonderfully so.

We're still working on getting members who are no longer coming to Wy'east off our rolls.

Our congregation certification needs to happen. Tode will be doing this certification.

Susan is still continuing with her pastoral care to several members of the congregation.

Due to a number of factors, including our not having enough volunteer RE teachers, there is a plan to eliminate the Director of Religious Education position for now, and instead hire two RE teachers. The thought is that Annie would be one of those teachers, and we would hire a second person from the outside.

There was a discussion of what the teacher assignments would be for the RE classes. It was suggested that Anders could be the teacher for the 4th-6th graders. There was also discussion of combining several of our current classes.

An idea was proposed about having Wy'east parents meet as a group at Camp Adams. They could also sit together at potlucks, as a way of fostering community and support.

The idea of Honorary Membership in Wy'east is on hold for now.

Karl will write an article for this upcoming newsletter about concern for our kids running around in the Senior Center.

Elizabeth will write the Board column for the newsletter.

A lengthy conversation took place about the book, The (Revitalized) Almost Church, by Michael Durall, which all of us have looked at. Ultimately, it was decided that there was more to talk about than could or should be handled in a monthly board meeting, and we are looking at having a board retreat instead to consider Durall's ideas.

The next monthly Board meeting will be on Tuesday, January 12th, at Tode's.

minutes by Mark --

Tuesday, December 8, 2009