January 2, 2018

Wy’east UUC Board Agenda

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:00


Present:  Bruce, Barbara D., Linda M., Craig, Paul, Daniale, Mathias


Meeting Minutes:


  • Check-In


  • Linda M report on newsletter/church communications
    • Moving away from the paper copy, towards MailChimp
    • We have a lot of room to go before we “max out” the free version
    • This would replace the google group emails
    • Proposal (Linda provided paper copies):  weekly: with upcoming sermon/updates, monthly: column from Craig, Month @ a glance
    • Two test runs so far--consensus is that they are attractive and engaging
    • At the moment, this won’t necessarily be less time-consuming than the paper copies (it’s about 10 hours a month)
      • How will this be handled?/ who will manage it? (Content and Calendar)
      • Linda will continue for the moment, but this isn’t sustainable long-term. We’ll need to find someone who will maintain this.
    • An email from the board should come out explaining this move to the congregation. (Bruce will write this email.)


  • Meeting Minutes-review and approval
    • Barbara moves to approve, Bruce seconds, motion carries


  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Still in the black due to a good start to the fiscal year.  
    • Mathias is working on congregational recertification, and year-end items are in-hand
    • The full report isn’t available yet w/ the movement to the 1st Tuesday of the month.  Mathias will send it out when it’s available, and going forward, we’ll just discuss the previous month’s budget at the next meeting, and Mathias will communicate any emergencies via email.  
    • There was a very positive email from a member, and she would like to be part of the next budgeting process for next year.  


  • Worship Committee Report
    • New position for joys/sorrows has gone well
    • Worship calendar has been filled through June, with the exception of two Sundays
      • One of those Sundays is 4/29→ is the UUA regional assembly w/ a great speaker.  Up for discussion:  in lieu of a service, arranging carpools to attend this.  


  • Minister’s Report
    • Submitted via email, included is an example of the Order of Service notes that Craig sends out
    • There is time for a few workshops in March revising the Mission Statement, which will be brought to the Board for discussion and a plan to move forward from there.  Additionally, Craig will do a mission sermon in line with this
    • Thinking of offering the UU history class again, adding a video about the Black Empowerment crisis that caused a rift in the UU church.


  • Strategic Planning Committee
    • Next meeting is 1/3/17
    • At the last meeting, it came up that there isn’t a registration process for kids attending RE.  This could be a liability issue.  Craig reached out to find out what other congregations are doing, but didn’t get much feedback.  Perhaps contacting Sarah Schurr would be a logical next step.  Barbara will reach out to Kathy @ 1st church and Sarah Schurr.
    • Could be a good practice to have a simple sign-in and sign-out process


  • 2018 Canvass
    • Matt L as chair--Bruce will reach out
    • Barbara is willing to be on the committee (Mathias will be communicated with for updates on pledges)
    • Other possibilities:  Helen O--Barbara will reach out
    • We have a spreadsheet of people who pledged last year as a starting point
      • Bruce will bring this to the next board meeting
    • Starting beginning of April?  Through end of May?  
      • Bruce will confirm dates.
    • Craig will do a pledge sermon March 18th.  


  • Barbara report on Mt Hood UU cluster
    • Covers 9 congregations (if Vancouver is included)
    • Meets every month, rotating through the churches
    • Discuss mostly social justice/service events (for example, the SOLV cleanup), also the Pride parade, and it’s been good for organizing people to march together
    • They also coordinate UU events such as the NW regional meeting that’s happening in Portland 4/29 and GA support
    • If we want to be part of the cluster, Barbara recommends (ideally) 2 reps that would attend meetings, taking turns.  OR we could identify someone who would get the minutes who would pass them on to us. Depending on if we find it valuable to our congregation.
      • Barbara will send out an email asking if anyone would like to be a co-rep, and if not, we may discontinue  


  • Announcements for special collections--United for Puerto Rico
    • For future announcements, be clear about it coming from Social Justice committee


  • Carpeting of closets and the big pile of supplies that got moved, including the keys to Wee Works.  Bruce will communicate w/ HSC asking for future communications.  


  • Confirm Next Two Meeting Dates

February 6

March 6

Parking Lot:

  • Creating a document for potential volunteers, perhaps a check-list that could get funneled to the membership committee or a volunteer coordinator
  • Possibility of Matt and Mathias being volunteer piano players
  • Directory and Canvassing:   concerns about losing our foundation base.  (Do people stay on as friends of Wy’east after being removed from the membership roster?  Can we include these friends in our canvassing?)  


Bruce moves to adjourn, Mathias seconds


Meeting adjourned at 8:40


Respectfully Submitted by Daniale L


Tuesday, January 2, 2018