July 7, 2010

Board Meeting Minutes for July 7, 2010

Proposed Agenda

  1. Checkins
  2. Ministry Search Update
  3. Finance Update
  4. Retreat Planning
  5. Phone issues
  6. New Order of Service
  7. Special Collections
  8. Seating setup
  9. Roles of the Board Members
  10. Model Leadership


Meeting began at 7:05 PM, Tode, Liana, Hank and Dan in attendance.

  • Checkins

Finance Update

  • Correspondence and bills given to Hank for Betty
  • Discussion about updating the bank signature card within the next week
  • Treasurer’s report coming soon

Ministry Search Update and Recommendation

The Ministry Search Task Force has recommended Marcia S. as the minister candidate to the Board.  

There was discussion about an executive meeting of the Board with Marcia within the next week.

After meeting, announcement and candidate meetings need to be scheduled. Would like to have at least two meetings prior to a candidate sermon and vote.

There was a discussion about the new 1/4 time ministers priorities: Pastoral care, working with the board, membership, growth, small group ministry, etc.

Meetings scheduled for Marcia

  1. An open house meeting at Tode’s house on the 13th
  2. A meeting at a Park on August 17th
  3. A Breakfast Potluck on the 22nd of August, before Marcia’s sermon

Marcia will provide a worship service on the 22nd of August, vote will follow

Committee Liaisons

Board members connections to committees:

  • Worship Committee - Tode
  • Religious Education Committee - Liana
  • Connections - Hank
  • Social Justice Committee - Hank
  • Ministerial Committee - none, new members will be needed for the new minister, no board members will be assigned to this committee
  • Nominating Committee - Unassigned
  • Hospitality Committee - Unassigned
  • Cares and Concerns Committee - Unassigned

Retreat Meeting

Discussed a possible retreat meeting in August, but was delayed in hopes of having Marcia involved.

Absentee Ballots

There is an absentee provision in the bylaws. The Board wanted to include as many members as possible in the vote for the new minister, especially since it will be during the Summer season.

Absentee ballots will be available at the meetings at Tode’s House and at the second meeting and at the breakfast potluck, so an interaction with Marcia is a prerequisite for receiving a ballot.

Bylaws Revision

The board would like to plan a discussion about revising the bylaws this next year. Need to review the use and application of the bylaws, their efficiency and practicality.


When should members be removed when there is lack of activity?

Bylaws states: “Membership is terminated when the member writes the Board of Trustees and asking to be removed from membership, or when a member dies, or if the Board of Trustees votes to terminate the membership of members who:

  1. have moved away without notice that they wish to continue; 
  2. cannot be located during the annual canvass;
  3. do not respond within sixty days to a letter inquiring whether they wish to continue membership. Such letters shall be sent by the secretary and treasurer of the Board after the annual review of membership to members who have not participated or contributed in any way in Wy’east in the prior fifteen months.”

Membership should be reviewed, so these letters or phone conversations can be made. Need to contact Debra to get the list of pledges and compare it to the current list of members. Wy’East is responsible for $60 per member, so an accurate count of current members is important.

Next Meeting Time

Meeting with Marcia set up for next week, no regular Board meeting setup for August

Special Collections

There is a proposal that Wy’East focus the coming year on immigrants, and issues surrounding immigrants. Social Justice committee, newly formed Wy’East by Mark and Alex. Hank will check in with them about immigration organizations for collections, and see if they had found a third member.

New Members

There are some people interested in becoming members. There was a discussion about how to facilitate that within the current minister transition. Connections to discuss getting a new members class started.

Fund Raising

Discussed a possible tie-in with immigration, perhaps an event co-sponsored with another group

There was a question about forming a Fund Raising committee

Robin was identified as someone who is interested in fund raising help

Besides events, items we could sell were discussed, like a steel water bottle with the Wy’East logo on it, or coupons from a local store

Would like to partner with some local businesses to work on donations for auctions or gift certificates, or other congregations like Eastrose.

 The Spring fundraiser is shaping up, but Fall event is still up in the air


Anders will be updating website with open positions and opportunities Wy’East has available

There was an idea of adding a bulletin board with information available at services

Other Items

Tode expressed an appreciation of musician Peter Meyer, who performed at the General Assembly and wrote “Blue Boat Home”. There was discussion of having him perform for Wy’East. Check him out at http://www.petermayer.net/

There was a discussion about setting up more seating for services, to show more room available for potential guests.

There needs to be a follow up on the new phone setup for the office with Alex

A new order of service needs to be printed, updating the content, but should be tabled until after the vote on the 22nd.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:04 pm

To Do List

  • Meet With Marcia
  • Minister Candidate Announcement, a mailed piece and member meetings need to be scheduled
  • Bank signature card update
  • Correspondence and bills given for Betty
  • Does the new Social Justice Committee have a third Member? (Mark and Alex)
  • Ask Debra for a list of all pledges, compare to a list of members
  • Send Bylaws to all Board members
  • Connections Committee to talk to Sarah S about leading a new members class
  • Need to talk to Alex about a Phone update



 Board met with Marcia, created multiple announcements (email, service announcement and mailed) and meetings with Marcia for the congregation. Bank signature card was updated.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010