November 14, 2017

Board Meeting 11/14/17


Present:  Paul, Bruce, Barbara, Daniale, Mathias


Meeting called to order at 7:00


Meeting Minutes:

  • Check-In


  • Meeting Minutes-review and approval
    • Bruce moves to approve, Mathias seconds, all approve, motion carries


  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Mathias brought copies
    • October special collection was just over $300, which is good
    • Got a lump sum at the beginning of the month, so D’on suggested that $5000 is transferred to the money market account
    • About $3200 over expenses currently, (we anticipated being in the red), due to some larger member pledges over the last two months, and have spent less in other areas.
    • Going to have to recalibrate the budget at the beginning of the year
    • Getting Barbara on the accounts for being able to write checks
    • Insurance verification, covers guest speakers as well


  • Worship Committee Report
    • Good roster of guest speakers, music as well
    • Incorporating musical content w/ sermons
    • Also a good group of worship associates
    • Speakers booked out until January
    • Currently on the committee:  Craig, Linda M., Paul, Eme, Jocelyn


  • Minister’s Report
    • Craig emailed this to the Board
    • Discussed the difference between called vs contracted minister
    • No additional comments or questions


  • Service Attendance
    • Average is 60--for 2016-17 and we are maintaining that average this year
    • Should we send out a notice to the chat about sitting over towards “stage right” and “cozy up to your neighbor” so that newcomers can fill in the more easily accessible seats
    • We’ll forward this onto the Strategic Planning Committee


  • Strategic Planning Committee
    • Off to a good start
    • Debra Tomsen has agreed to be chair
    • How do we get people through the doors?  Do we need to strengthen the RE program to grow?  Do we need a bigger space?  
    • This committee will be meeting twice a month (except December), Bruce will send the dates out in case other Board members want to join


  • RE Staffing
    • Fiona’s upcoming absences
    • Discuss this with RE committee, do we find someone in the congregation to fill this role, or find someone else who will be able to fill this role when Fiona graduates?  What is the ultimate goal?
    • Mathias will contact the RE committee and move forward with any contact with the congregation that is needed.  


  • Schedule Next Two Meetings’ Dates & Times

December 12--Yes to all present

January 9--Yes to all present

Parking Lot:  

  • Creating a document for potential volunteers, perhaps a check-list that could get funneled to the membership committee or a volunteer coordinator
  • Possibility of Matt and Mathias being volunteer piano players
  • Directory and Canvassing:   concerns about losing our foundation base.  (Do people stay on as friends of Wy’east after being removed from the membership roster?  Can we include these friends in our canvassing?)  


Barbara moves to adjourn, Bruce seconds, all agree, motion carries.


Meeting adjourned at 8:23


Tuesday, November 14, 2017