October 10, 2017

Board Meeting 10/10/17


Present:  Bruce, Craig, Mathias, Daniale, Paul


Meeting called to order at 7:08


Meeting Minutes:

  • Check-In


  • Meeting Minutes-review and approval
    • Bruce moves to approve, Paul seconds, all approve, motion carries.


  • Treasurer’s Report:  Shared via email
    • Income looks good for this month, we currently at a surplus (yard sale was a bonus, plus additional pledges)  
    • As an FYI, we raised less than usual for Advocacy 5, probably due to cancellation of speaker.


  • Worship Committee Report
    • New worship associates have gone well
    • Still working on the new Order of Service--going well, just finessing the details
    • Discussing the possibility of a shorter, but more frequent newsletter, and a movement to digital
    • Possibility of adjusting joys & sorrows to stones in a bowl instead of the tea candles
    • Choir, increased music seems to be drawing people
    • Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year--perhaps no morning service and instead just doing the traditional evening service (with plenty advance notice)


  • Minister’s Report:  Shared via email
    • Excited about the translation of the principles into Thai that will be a button on the UUA site


  • Strategic Planning Committee
    • Bruce has gotten some volunteers to join the committee!  A few in person and several more via email, and a variety of newer and older members.


  • Religious Education
    • Lana is new DRE, Linda Burke would like to do a little celebration: an introduction at the beginning of the service, and cake at the end.  (Bruce will make sure this gets planned)


  • New Board member has been nominated:  Barbara Dow.  
    • Will be available for Board Meetings in November
    • Bruce moves to accept, Mathias seconds, all approve, motion carries


  • Oregon UU Voices for Justice this weekend
    • Mathias would like to move in an active direction organizing UUs together for democratic justice


  • Schedule Next Two Meetings’ Dates & Times

November 14th?

December 12?

Bruce moves adjourn, Mathias seconds, all approve, motion carries


Parking Lot:  

  • Creating a document for potential volunteers, perhaps a check-list that could get funneled to the membership committee or a volunteer coordinator


Meeting adjourned at 8:05


Tuesday, October 10, 2017