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Decolonization: Until All Of Us Are Free, None Of Us Are Free


Decolonization has become quite an academic and social buzzword in the last few years, even within religious settings. Originally applied to the work stressed by Indigenous people to come out from under the hundreds of years of subjugation and cultural genocide, this term is now being applied to mainstream society and American culture. Join me as we explore the nuances and applications of this self-reflective method for freeing ourselves from the yolks that oppress us all. Decolonization has the potential to truly help save our world. 

Rev. Gary McAlpin was raised mostly with his maternal grandparents in rural Northeast Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas, with his grandmother being a strict Baptist and his grandfather a traditional ceremonial Cherokee.   Gary has an undergraduate degree in Cross-Cultural Services, an MDiv with emphasis on Native American Pastoral Care and a Masters in Clinical-Counseling Psychology with concentration in Indigenous Psychology and Inter-Generational Trauma. Gary found the UUA around 13 years ago after serving in different denominations as church planter and a minister, both adult and youth. Rev. McAlpin has also served as a therapist for over 12 years in mental health settings, mostly with adolescents and families. 

Currently, Rev. McAlpin is a UUA Community Minister serving the people of Cherokee County, the heart of Cherokee Nation with outreach, aid and support for the community and families affected by pediatric cancer and environmental climate justice. His organization is called Sweetwater Foundation, a 501.c.3.


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