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Relational Ecology and Our Human Relationship with Water and the Natural World - Dr. John Scott


Dr. John Scott will speak about his narrative research dissertation that explored our human relationship with water from an indigenous and people of color framework/lens.  He will also facilitate a dialogue that invites participants to think about their own relational ecology, and their past and current relationship with the natural world, including water.  Part of this collective ‘thinking’ will involve creativity and physical movement.  Some of the questions that will be explored include but are not limited to; What is your current relationship with water and the natural world?  What are your concerns about water? And where would you like your relationship to be in the future?  Please come ready to participate with curiosity and courage.  

John Scott, PhD, is an adjunct faculty member in the Transformative Studies doctoral program. He is an academic, writer, researcher, and change maker who has been providing anti-racism, equity, and inclusion leadership and support to organizations and individuals for over 20 years. John’s academic inquiry includes but is not limited to: indigenous wisdom related to our human relationship with water and environment, narrative research, theater of the oppressed (Boal), racial equity, and cultural humility. Dr. Scott is currently the DEI Director with Washington State Parks, and before that, served for  one year as the Senior VP of Equity and Inclusion with WA State Charters Schools Association.  He served three years as the director of diversity, equity, and inclusion for Washington State with Seneca Family of Agencies.. John holds a PhD in Transformative Studies that was focused on Relational Ecology and Indigenous Studies, and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Drama Therapy from California Institute of Integral Studies. John is passionate about water, long distance swimming, transformative healing, equity, and peach cobbler. 


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