The Roads Taken: Honoring the Faith Journeys of Others & Self

Our Unitarian Universalist principles support the seeking of religious truth based on personal experiences, and on respecting others’ searches, wherever they may take them. But do we really live up to our principles? Or do we tend to characterize certain fundamentalist or orthodox searches as misguided and naïve? And can we truly embrace religious tolerance without sacrificing a commitment to justice in the world? We’ll look at these questions with the aim of finding a bridge between personal faith and social interdependence.

Service led by Jeanette Leardi, a Portland-based writer, editor, and community educator and a Unitarian Universalist for 25 years. Jeanette has led many well-received services at U.U. churches in Portland (including two at Wy'east at its former location) and Vancouver as well as in North and South Carolina.  You can learn more about her on her website,

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Sunday, June 30, 2019