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"Annual Celebration of Light”, Wy’east Children & Youth


Our Annual Celebration of Light returns in its traditional form for the first time since 2019! Our children will once again be presenting the Winter Pageant, which features them in adorable costumes acting out the solstice stories of eight different religious traditions. This Wy’east creation celebrates how we all find meaning in the darkness of winter, no matter which stories are told and which holidays we observe. This pageant is being coordinated by Anders Liljeholm and other religious educators.


Special Collection: Our special collection this month will support our sustained partnership with Rahab’s Sisters.


Multi-Platform Worship Sunday at 10:30 AM

This service will be offered as BOTH a virtual and an in-person service.

Click here to join the virtual service on Zoom

Meeting ID:  275 194 110

Phone In:  (669) 900-6833