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“Creativity as a Healing Practice” - Kirsten Carpentier


Kirsten B. Carpentier, MSW. Eastrose will be joining us. In this time of so much personal and collective illness, upheaval, and brokenness, how do we find a way to being in the present creatively and find grounding? We explore the value of committing to a creative project every day, and seeing where this practice leads, despite the ups and downs of life and inspiration.  

Kirsten has an eclectic background as a social worker, fundraiser, administrator, and multimedia artist. She has been facilitating art workshops for over 25 years. She believes that through creativity of all sorts we are able to witness each other's unique gifts, and discover healing through common insights we share. She is a passionate international traveler, and has spent much of her life on one journey or another.  


Multi-Platform Worship Sunday at 10:30:

This service will be offered as both a virtual and an in-person service.

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Meeting ID:  275 194 110

Phone In:  (669) 900-6833

Click here to Sign-In in advance for the in-person service at the Community for Positive Aging (1820 NE 40th Ave). All in-person attendees must sign in for contact tracing purposes. Save time at the door by signing in now using the link above.