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Wy'east UUC Board Meeting October 04, 2022

Board Meeting October 4,2022


Attendance: Lana Q, Moderator; Ruth J ,Vice Moderator; Linda B, Secretary; Diane A, Treasurer; 


Ron T, Membership chair, HankH, Ministerial search chair, Jeff S, Ministerial search Committee member.


September 2022 Minutes: Reviewed and approved


Standard Reports:


Attached to agenda


Membership: Ron expressed concern  at the low in person  service attendance.


Mabel provided coffee during social hour. Attendance was approximately 15


Other Business:


Diane A. resigned from board treasurer. D’On V provided the treasurer’s reports for August and September. D’On went above and beyond to bring the treasurer’s reports up to date. And developed a proposed compensation package for the  ministerial candidate  She met with The Finance Committee ( Hank, Linda) to discuss the proposed salary and benefit package for the minister candidate and determined that it was within the Wy’ east budget. 


Ruth offered to get a gift certificate to Trader Joes and a card  as a thank you for D’On


It was decided that Diane A will take the Secretary position and Linda B , Treasurer. ( with  help from the finance committee. ) Final approval of this is tabled until November 2022 to have a full board present. 


Linda B requested a substitute to retrieve Wy east UU mail and make deposits( due to health issues.)  She plans to ask Barbara Dow , at-large board member, to do this.


 Rose City Park Presbyterian requested a copy of the certificate of insurance. Linda will ask D’On for this and mail it to Kate Sechrist.


 Pay raises for Jolanda and Kate.: Lana will check the budget to determine if a 10% retroactive raise is feasible.  Approval tabled until November.


Vote for sustained partnership with Rahab Sisters and the Social Justice theme, The Future of Democracy: The board approved this. Linda will contact Chandra to set up a congregation vote at a zoom service ASAP.


Minister email Plan: The minister@wyeast will be removed from the WEB site. Gigi will monitor this address and forward anything to the board or Cares and concerns committee via Ron T’s email.  When we hire a new minister we can turn this account over for their use. 


Multiplatform Worship: The board approved. 1. the removal of the RSVP procedure. Visitors will be requested to provide an email for covid tracking purposes. 2. Masks will be optional but encouraged.  It was suggested that we try a monthly potluck. Mabel provided coffee for social hour at the last inperson service which was well received. 


Jolanda suggested replacing her  by hiring a  local tech person to help with in person and zoom services.


Summary of Ministerial Search Committee: Hank H provided an excellent  powerpoint presentation of the process and conclusion of the search for a new minister.  Thank you , Hank!


The search committee, Hank, Jeff, Ron, Bruce, and Anne recommends Rev Leslie Becknell Marx as the quarter time minister with a start date of December 1, 2022.


The compensation package was based on the UUA recommendations and wy’ east budget. 

Background check and state sex offender check was completed.  

Board approval was unanimous. 

Linda Mac. will meet with Rev Leslie for Worship Committee input on the contract details. 


A  team of Lana, Ruth and D’On will meet with Rev. Leslie to discuss and negotiate. a 7 month  contract (Dec.1, 2022-June 30,2023)  and salary package . Lana will contact D’On and Rev. Leslie to do this on Oct 8thor 9th. 


Rev. Lesie’s planned first sermon is November 20, 2022. A vote by the congregation will follow. 

Back up when Rev Leslie is not available: Linda will contact Rev Barbara Stevens to offer a    fee for service  agreement for this purpose.

Next Board meeting is Monday November 7, 2022 at 7pm via zoom. 


Respectfully Submitted.

Linda Burk, Secretary