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November 5th, 2020

 Wy’east UUC

Thursday, November 5, 2020


In Attendance: Daniale (Moderator)

Lana (Vice Moderator)

Jocelyn (Treasurer)

Arianna (Secretary)

Mark (Member at large)

Craig (Minister)

  • Check-In
  • Review and approval of October 6th meeting minutes: Approved
  • Standard Reports:
    • Minister’s Report
      • The Kentucky UU/Muslim Group has been very active. They are working to push forward Craig’s initiative to include Islam in the language of UU sources.
      • Working with UU Multiracial Unity Action Council, which is looking to be part of upcoming General Assemblies.
      • Path to membership class with one new member joining soon.
      • Inside Out Popcorn Theology was interesting and a good discussion.
      • See attached report for details.
    • Worship Committee Report
      • The calendar for the rest of 2020 is shaping up.
      • Christmas Eve service poll shows that some people would really value having a virtual gathering that evening.
      • Planning a joint service with Hood River in January.
      • Jolanda is now on board, providing tech support for two services so far.
      • Jack is planning a Trans Day of Remembrance service with several people in their life sharing pre-recorded videos.
    • Social Justice Committee Report 
      • Moving along well
      • Worship and Social Justice committees are working well together.
      • They are putting out feelers for different special collections and speakers.
      • Tawna Sanchez is going to speak in late winter.
    • RE Committee Report
      • Two Popcorn Theologies have happened, with 1-2 kids and a handful of adults, with lively discussions
      • Pre and post service family time has light attendance, but is going well.
      • Kate’s videos are getting about 20 views and have a variety of good content.
      • Send  Jojo, Haden, Chris and Leela emails to Craig
    • Treasurer’s Report
      • October looked great, with income exceeding expenses.
      • Food justice fund is growing faster than it is being spent.
        • Will it go to help the HSC Thanksgiving event?
        • Maybe we should reach out to interested members for ideas.
      • Kate’s hours were high for October, and she asked if it was too much. It doesn’t seem like something to worry about yet.
        • If other people want to contribute RE videos or creative ways to engage the kids, that could lessen her load.
        • Her work is valued by kids and adults.
      • When and how does canvas get started?
        • March
        • Daniale and Craig will reach out to last year’s chairs
    • Membership Committee Report
      • See below
      • It’s encouraging to see that we are still attracting new people to our services.
  • Chalice Lighter Grants
    • Hank proposed that we join the Chalice Lighters to apply for grants from the program.
    • Linda M is not sure what we would use a grant for. Possibly paying Jolanda’s salary.
    • Jolanda may have ideas for tech support.
    • A grant could be used to support Kate’s work.
    • We could provide a presentation to the congregation
      • Opportunity for growth
    • Where does the Digital Refresh and its budget stand?
      • Mostly on hold during pandemic
    • There are other grant opportunities to consider as well, once we establish a specific need.
    • Chalice Lighters may still be something that members of the congregation want to participate in, as a way to support UU congregations in the region.
    • Action items:
      • Daniale will email Linda, D’On, Kate, Jolanda, to find out if there are possible needs that would warrant a grant proposal.
      • Lana and Ari will work on publicizing Chalice Lighter’s Program to the congregation.
      • Daniale will circle back with Hank.
  • Other items/reflections?
  • To Confirm when meeting in person:
    • Board:  
      • Meeting Notes April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
      • Endowment Committee Members
      • Board Discretionary Fund for Zoom License
      • Contract w/ Jolanda Walter
    • Congregation:  Annual Meeting Notes/voting
  • On Hold:
    • Ron would like time to discuss ordering rainbow chalice tees-- waiting until  logo is finalized.
    • GA2022:  will send an email via the newsletter to determine if anyone is interested in hosting any activity. 
  • Confirm Next Meeting Date: 12/1/20, 7pm


Respectfully submitted by Arianna Lambie, Secretary




Ministers Report—11-20

1) Sermon preparation, newsletter columns, etc.  

2) Phone calls,  e-mails.  Pastoral calls, Zoom meetings with congregational members/leaders.  

3) Colleague consultation.

4) Martial arts and Spanish language study 

5) Kentucky UU/Muslim Book study group, 4 meetings.  Delivered sermon and explained Sources language change proposal.

6)  Attended UU Multiracial Unity Action Council (UUMUAC) Forum on Wage Slavery:

UUMUAC is led by one of our senior Black UU ministers, civil rights and labor activist Rev. Dr. Finley Campbell (See above and attached brochure).  UUMUAC promotes the values and asset-based anti-racism of Dr. Martin Luther King and Rev. William Barber as opposed to guilt and identity-based anti-racism.   For more information see , and the UUMUAC homepage at:  Planning for UUMUAC participation at 2021 and 2022 General Assemblies.  November clergy meeting on Nov. 18, planning session Nov. 6.

7) Friday virtual “coffee hours”.

8) Path to Membership class

9) “Inside/Out” movie and discussion with Wy’east RE group.  Delightful and inspiring!

10) Prepared food for Lilac Meadows women’s shelter

11) Contributed recipe and story to Lana’s Wy’east cookbook project


We have had two(2) people fill out the visitor contact information forms during the month:

10/4 Alana Graham and 10/11 Allison Chown.

On 10/25 we had a Path to Membership Class with Alana Graham, Craig, Sue and myself attending. Alana is interested in Wy'east, has had the opportunity to work with Craig at Forrest Grove UU and plans to remain a member their thru this fall. I believe she will join us possibly around the New Year and she and her husband will bring extensive UU knowledge to us.

Morning attendance is staying steady around 40-45 members and families.

Diane I. is keeping us on task of phoning all members monthly and checking on them. We do have one member of concern: Lesson Baker that Barbara D. was trying to reach without success and copied Craig and I in on her efforts. I tried calling without luck and tried the apartment manager and again could only leave a message. Today I'll send out a chat message announcing my concern.

Lynetta Alexander and two(2) of her three(3) grand daughters are back in her Portland home and she is continuing to get her life back to normal and the kids schooling settled. The third grand daughter is in college but I believe her plan is to come to Portland around the 1st of the year. The kids are Caitlynn (18), Jamie (14) and Lily (11). Lynetta is attending the Friday coffee group and the Sunday services and she knows that we are here for her to help anytime. Diane I. has done a super job of helping Lynetta feel welcomed and missed.

Chalice circle thanks to Debra T. and coffee hour thanks to D'On (and Chandra in her absence) as these events are rock solid and remain very important in supporting our members in these unusually high stress times.

Linda Burk continues to organize the 2nd Sunday Lilac meadows food donation program and our membership is stepping up strongly in support.