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UU Field Trip to Mid-Columbia (10AM Start)


My UU Tribe

Rev. Judy Zimmerman, with Adam Pope, celebrant. 

Unitarian Universalists who were not raised as UU often proclaim that they have found their tribe when they formally join a UU congregation.  The notion of communion suggests enduring friendship, closeness, and a ‘union with’.   How is this expressed in a denomination with a gene for individualism and self-reliance ? This morning we’ll conclude explorations on our monthly theme of Communion as several sibling UU congregations join us for our final shared worship service of the summer. 

Click on: to enter the online worship service.

To join by telephone, dial (253) 215-8782 and enter the meeting code 767376780 followed by the pound sign.

Please note that our service begins at 10:00 AM.