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“Whole Hearts, Mystical Minds: Faith reflections from the Psychedelic Renaissance” - Rev. Mira Kepler (née Mickiewicz)


The mainstreaming of psychedelic medicines, from psilocybin to MDMA to ketamine, holds promise for treating mental health conditions, easing end-of-life anxiety, and augmenting personal growth and exploration. What does this conversation offer to communities and people of faith, even those with no plans to personally try these medicines? What does this modern research and ancient wisdom tell us about consciousness, mystery, spiritual practice, and right relationship? 

Rev. Miranda Kepler (née Mickiewicz) is a UU minister and a Zen Buddhist student based in rural northwestern Oregon. She currently works offering organizational support to a Native American drug and alcohol recovery center. Mira’s training includes many years of teaching and leadership at outdoor schools and camps, a Master’s of Divinity from Starr King School for the Ministry, and a residency as a hospital chaplain. She is passionate about rites of passage, trauma healing, birth and death work, and tending land and family.


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