Board Meeting 7/11/17

Board Meeting 7/11/17


Present:  D’on, Paul, Bruce, Mathias, Daniale

Meeting called to order at 7:03

Meeting Minutes:

  • Election of New Board Positions:
    • Daniale:  Secretary
    • Mathias:  Treasurer
    • Bruce:  Moderator
    • Paul:  Vice Moderator
    • D’on: Board Member at Large (mentoring Mathias as Treasurer)
      • Board moves to elect the above for the 2017-18, Mathias seconds, carries unanimously
  • Approval of minutes from last meeting. (Barbara posted on Google Drive prior)  
    • D’on moves to accept minutes, Bruce seconds, unanimously approved.
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • D’on Sent out the report via email
    • Final results for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017:
    • - We ended the year with an annual deficit of $2,680 - much better than the budgeted deficit of $8,231, and about $2000 better than the year-end estimate I made for the budget meeting in early May. Our actual income was $4,423 less than budgeted, but we came out ahead because expenses were $9,974 under budget. Almost half of that was lower-than-budgeted LRE, because both LRE staff worked fewer hours than planned.
    • - Year-end general savings balance is $41,772, equal to just over six months expenses at next year's budget rate.
    • This month I uploaded two itemized Quicken reports in addition to the Treasurer’s Report spreadsheet. They are itemized transactions for June and a balance sheet as of 6/30/2017.  Up until now, the reserve account balances existed only on treasurers' spreadsheets. I have now set them up as liability accounts in Quicken - not the ideal form of fund accounting, but I think it's better than what we had, and should get us through until we switch to better church accounting software.
      • Closer to our proposed budget, even with lower pledges, we came in much lower than anticipated due to lower than normal RE expenditures
      • Typically, we budget according to pledges in May, but we typically have some cushion.  We’ve cut down on some cushion, but D’on thinks we’ll still have some of that throughout the year.


  • Worship Committee Update (Paul)
    • Guest speakers coming, lay-people stepping up, all is well.  Looking at restructuring the Order of Service in the Fall.  
    • Having a broader range of Worship Associates, which is working well
  • Update on RE new-hire  
    • Anders has hired, D’on has the paperwork, will meet up with Mathias to go over payroll.  They’ll meet to discuss doing this face-to-face or remotely.
  • Garage Sale Status  
    • Bruce has talked to Tode:  He’s in the process of moving, and doesn’t feel like he could take it on, but would advise.  Tode suggested Donna Amos, who declined when Bruce asked.  
    • Bruce’s perception was that there was good contribution by HSC, but mostly falling on Wy’east shoulders. Also there’s concern around not making enough money or the distribution of labor and goods between Wy’east and Hollywood Senior Center. D’on thinks we did most of the labor, but can’t speak to the amount of goods donated.  Last year, there wasn’t enough time to put it together:  Friday night wasn’t available for set up.  If we do it this year, reserving Friday night to set up, then doing the sale on Saturday only.  We could consider doing something next June, but then we might run into issues with next year’s budget and plans.  
    • According to Bruce, Hank has volunteered to run the garage sale.  Bruce and Linda have offered up their house as the location if we’d like; there is a potential issue of lawn slope, but could be worked around.  D’on could make her garage available for storage leading up to the garage sale.  It’s possible that Robin’s house might be available, which is also a good location.  (Mathias said it’d be good to be on a bike route--Bruce’s house is close to a bike route, but not a main artery)
    • Hank is thinking about September, and D’on thinks that with Hank running it, he’ll be able to get plenty of volunteers.  
    • Additional question:  If we aren’t earning it even worth it?  Does it balance out the time and volunteers?  
    • Bruce will contact Hank, discuss venue options, and go from there.
  • Removal of Michael Andrade from the list of members
    • Barbara got the ball rolling on that, sent a letter, and he did not respond.  We need to have a vote in order to remove him officially.  D’on suggests that someone should ask Barbara about the specific situation before we make the vote.  D’on will contact Barbara.
  • Contract Extensions
    • Minister’s Contract is the main thing.  Signed contract w/ HSC.  
    • D’on sent this out via google drive.  It’s basically the same terms and conditions as last year, with just a few amendments:  xmas eve and the number of Sundays.
    • D’on was worried about whether or not we’d be able to continue to pay Craig. He made an offer, but there were questions regarding changing the amount of payment, and what is stated in the bylaws.  We will have to look at this after canvassing and see where the budget is.  There is language in the bylaws around terminating the minister if we need to.  We’re committed through next June, but we’ll have to reevaluate depending on funds.
    • D’on also made a note regarding the addition of xmas eve this year (last year Craig couldn’t make it).  Since there wouldn’t be a major change, she thinks one or two people could sit down w/ Craig to go over it.  However, there are questions about whether we want Craig to do it, or another member?  (Linda MacPherson did a bang-up job last year, but it’s quite a bit of work.)
    • We are currently without a contract, and assuming we’re going forward w/ the proposed contract.
    • Bruce asked if D’on would like to present the finalized contract to Craig, and Mathias volunteered to go with her.  
    • Minister’s supervision of staff:  D’on has put that on the agenda for next year.  


  • Long Range Planning
    • Bruce emailed Sara Schurr, and she responded (Bruce forwarded the email to board members previously) about an upcoming Board training.  D’on felt like the training didn’t meet the needs we have where we are.  
    • Bruce put together a document that is very, very open to discussion and modification (adapted from the UUA documents on the difference in congregation size)
      • Goal:  To propel Wy’east from a hybrid Family/Pastoral size congregation to a solidly Pastoral size congregation
      • The future Pastoral size Wy’east will ideally have the following characteristics.
        • Well-defined jobs performed by a succession of volunteers
        • Minister active in managing paid staff and committees of the church
        • Minister as center and leader of congregation
        • Membership between 100 and 150
        • A thriving religious education program that serves children of all ages
        • A part-time paid administer
        • A stable, nurturing location on the Portland’s east side that comfortably houses our services and RE program
        • Robust chalice circles, social justice committee, homeless aid
        • More regular communication with members and friends about congregational life
    • By next week, look over the document from Bruce and decide what we’d like to take out, edit, or add. D’on is happy to leave the refinements to the long range planning committee.  Bruce would like to see us move towards a ¾ time minister, and/or a paid administrator. Having a paid, part time staff position for the difficult things that come up would be helpful.  It would be nice if the minister could be more of a glue between committees, not necessarily in the pulpit more.  Could we expand the duties?  For example:  2x/month in the pulpit, 1x/month RE?
    • Possible committee members to contact:  Tode Oshin (possible chair), Diana Scheel, Eme Alter, Nancy Drury, Karl Aruda, Jane Moore, Lana Aburto, Daniale and Mathias are interested, but need more details around the time commitment.  
  • Schedule Next Two Meetings’ Dates & Times
    • August 8th?  Bruce is out of town, Daniale can’t do the 15th.  D’on proposes that we could skip August and take care of business via email:  need to finalize the minister’s contract, but Bruce is tentatively comfortable with that. August meeting, unless something urgent comes up
    • September 12th
    • Mathias will check with Barbara about the Wy’east public document folder.
  • Meeting adjourned 8:25


Respectfully Submitted by Daniale Lynch


Tuesday, September 12, 2017