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Board Minutes for April 14, 2016

Board Meeting 4/14/2016


Board Members: Robyn, D’On, Paul, Barbara

Minister: Rev. Craig Moro


  • On 3/16/2016 Robyn moved that the board sign the contract as prepared by D’On and Karl with the candidate, Rev. Craig Moro. Barbara seconded. Approved unanimously via email.
  • The board agreed via email to pay Rev. Barbara S. and Rev. Mark G. each a $250 bonus payment to compensate for the short notice of termination; to be taken from the search committee funds.
  • The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.
  • Minister’s Report
    • Craig has been in conversation with the Worship Committee.
    • We have permission to use the Church of the Larger Fellowship materials for worship.
    • Craig wrote the canvass cover letter.
    • Craig is interested in offering some adult RE classes
    • Craig needs keys to Rose City Park Presbyterian. We think Betty may have the set that Barbara S. used.
  • New Members
    • We have a new member ceremony coming up on 4/24.
    • Barbara will send around a revised copy of the last ceremony.
    • Jim M., Amber H., and Chandra I.
    • Robyn ordered copies of A Chosen Faith from Amazon.
  • We need to reconstitute the membership committee
    • We need to figure out a committee job description.
      • Initially to shepherd Path to Membership.
      • Robyn will draft a description and send it around for comment.
    • We should send copies of Wy’east 101 and About Wy’east to Craig.
    • Mabel should be included in the committee, or at least asked.
    • Who else? Somebody newly joined?
  • Ministerial Concerns committee
    • We need to reconstitute the committee.
    • Craig would pick either Karl or Lana. He’ll talk with them.
  • Minutes of the 3/10/2016 meeting:
    • Robyn moved to approve the minutes as distributed; Paul seconded.
    • Approved unanimously
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • We’re on track, a little behind on income but significantly behind on expenses.
    • Expenses are below budgeted because Craig started in April, not March and the search committee spent much less than was budgeted. Also, worship is under budget.
  • Canvass
    • Pledge total on 4/10 was $37,980 from 23 pledging units.
  • Garage sale.
    • Scheduled for Saturday, July 30. We have the HSC Friday for setup and Saturday for the sale. Proceeds split 50-50; no rent.
    • We need to get it in the newsletter. D’On is doing it right now.
  • Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice (Amamantar y Migras)
    • We have written them a check in anticipation of the special collection in June.
    • Robyn suggests the ad we are entitled to should say “All are welcome here” in English and Spanish, with a link to our web site.
    • D’On will take care of this.
  • Worship Committee report from Paul
    • Had a good meeting with Craig.
    • Linda M is now the committee chair.
    • There will be some changes in the order of service.
    • There was a discussion of replacing the reusable order of service with a per Sunday program.
    • D’On reminded Paul that if the Worship Committee needs some budget for supplies that she needs to know about it sooner rather than later
  • Paul moves we adjourn; Robyn seconds. Approved unanimously.
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm
  • Next meetings:
    • April 24 after the service (budget discussion)
    • May 12, 7 pm at Barbara’s house (social justice focus)
    • June 9, 7 pm at Robyn’s house
    • Barbara will get something in the newsletter

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Smith-Thomas, Secretary