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Board Minutes October 18,2016

Board Meeting 10/18/2016


Board Members: Bruce, Barbara, D’On, Jane, Paul,Minister: Rev Craig Moro

●Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm.

Meeting minutes:

○The corrected minutes of the board meeting on 9/20/16 were posted in Googledocs prior to the meeting by Barbara.

○D’On moves we approve the minutes; Bruce seconds. Approved unanimously.

The Treasurer’s Report

○The Treasurer’s Report was distributed via email prior to the meeting.

○September had a deficit of $2,489, about $800 more than expected for the month.

○Year-to-date we are still in the black and $1,642 better than budgeted, so D’On is not worried (yet).

○September expenses were $200 under budget. The main items were insurance (under budget this month but we’re likely to catch up later) and worship (consistently under budget nd likely to remain so)●

  • The Minister’s Report was distributed via email prior to the meeting.
  • RE is working with a UU Tapestry of Faith curriculum. After the meeting Craig sent a link. The curriculum is “SIGNS OF OUR FAITH: BEING UU EVERY DAY,” targeted for 2nd and 3rd graders. Craig said he didn’t think they were following it very closely, just getting ideas from it.
  • Facilities Report:
    • Faucets: The faucets in the men’s bathroom have not been working properly. Since it was brought to Bruce’s attention, one of the two faucets has been repaired. So Bruce has not brought it up with Amber.
    • There was a problem with the faucet in the kitchen, but it also seems to have been fixed.
    • Rent for next year: It’s about time for us to broach the rent conversation with Amber.
    • After some discussion about the rent amount, Bruce proposed to send an email to Amber proposing a new rent of $135 per Sunday for 2017-2018. He will send around a draft to the board. It’s an almost 6% increase.

●Volunteer Recognition

○Paul’s report from the worship committee meeting

■They are looking for ways to recast the service script to regularly include volunteer recognition.

■We can anticipate seeing a new service script around Thanksgiving

■Individual recognition got shot down. (It’s too easy to leave someone out.)

■Suggest some recognition around the canvass. Stewardship sermon is March 19.

○Volunteer burnout redux: short handed cleanup after service

■Nobody currently coordinates setup or cleanup.

■It would be nice to have someone younger to clean up on senior meetings days.

■Fiona is there for setup; Tom is almost always there. We’re not sure how that is being organized.

■We should announce at a service or two that we are looking for someone to coordinate setup and cleanup. Barbara will write an announcement and get it to Linda for 10/30 and 11/6.

●Paul also reports from the Worship committee that they are looking for ways to foster more laity involvement in worship, as service leaders and presenters of Church of the Larger Fellowship sermons

●Congregational Leadership retreat

○All systems go.

○10/29/16 at RCPP, 9-12.

○Jane wants to be sure one of the outcomes is next steps. Bruce will resend the email from Sarah to Jane.

○Craig will be here around 8:30 to open up.

○Housekeeping: do we want to provide coffee? Snacks? We need to be careful about cleanup. Bruce will bring some snacks. People should bring their own drinks.

○Jane will draft a letter to all participants.

○Jane will make an effort to get participation from someone on Social Justice and RE.


●20th Anniversary Celebration

○Nothing new

●Policy for young persons’ membership

○Does allowing people who are not yet 16 to become a member create a new category of membership? How does such a person’s status differ from another young person who hasn’t signed the book?

○The bylaws permit people to join without regard to age if they are willing to contribute time and/or money. You must be 16 to be a voting member; you must be 18 to vote on financial matters or hold elected office.

○Should we revisit criteria for membership with the membership committee?

○We should be consistent between the bylaws, Wy’east 101, and what’s on the web site.

○There’s a Path to Membership class scheduled for January and another for April.

○It’s on the minister and the membership committee to be the gatekeepers for who signs the book. They will make sure new members understand the rights and responsibilities of membership. It’s not really a board concern.

●Board decisions by e-mail

○For an informal consultation on a matter on which we already have agreement

■Can move ahead without responses from everyone

■However, we all need to try to respond         

○For an informal action where a response is required

■Put something in the subject line if a timely response is required.

■We need to commit to be responsive.

○For a formal action of the board,

■Somebody needs to make a motion.

■Somebody needs to second.

■Poll the board.

■Secretary will record in the minutes of the next meeting.

●Next meetings:

○Nov 15 and Dec 20 at 7 pm.

○D’On will check with Romalia if we can meet at RCPP on those two days. If we can’t have 12/20, 12/13 is also possible

●Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Barbara Smith-Thomas, secretary