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May 1, 2018

Wy’east UUC Board Minutes

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Meeting called to order at 6:59


Present: Bruce, Paul, Craig, Mathias, Daniale, Barbara


Meeting Minutes


  • Check-In


  • Meeting Minutes-review and approval, Bruce moves to approve, Mathias seconds, all approve.


  • Treasurer’s Report for March (emailed)
    • We're still in great shape. Our expenses were about $500 below-budget, and while our income was $1200 below budget, we're still in the black for the year by $7640, as compared to the budgeted surplus of just $895. No major surprises in terms of expense. We raised $485.10 for the Family Preservation Project this year. We should expect a mild increase in expenses and steady decrease in income for the remaining three months of the church year.


  • 2018 Canvass
    • 41 pledges in, totalling over $63,255, which is under our goal for this year’s canvass ($81,000).
    • There are 11 members who are regular attendees that still need to be reached, and the Canvass committee will begin making those calls.


  • Budget Amendments
    • Based on the current pledge amounts, we need to amend the proposed budget for next year to make sure our budget is sound.  Potential amendments include:
      • Reduction in minister’s professional expenses
      • Reduction in music budget (specifically UUMN dues)
      • Revision of DRE hours
      • Reduction in RE teacher training
      • Reduction of Coffee Hour budget
      • Community Membership:  keep dues, may have to cut EMO/Interfaith Alliance on Poverty
      • Organizational:  Quickbooks
      • Leadership Development budget, may not be able to keep this item
      • Board discretionary fund
      • At a rough estimate, this could reduce our proposed budgetary needs by $3,160.
    • Mathias will draft an email from the Board to send to the congregation by Friday.  We’ll meet Sunday before service to discuss any updates to the budget that we’ll be able to discuss with the congregation at the budget meeting.


  • Worship Committee Report
    • Linda has submitted a draft of the annual report to the committee for approval
    • Worship and Music are doing well
    • The calendar is booked going forward, with a few holes in the summer.


  • Minister’s Report & Mission/Vision Progress (emailed)
    • Craig has had a good meeting with RCPCC minister with the possibility of joint events in the future
    • Has spoken at a mosque and a UU congregation during his tri-cities trip--both went very well
    • Mission statement team has put up a draft and gotten some comments, and will put it up again next Sunday as well.  The committee will meet again, looking at the comments, and redraft. Question as to whether or not this could be discussed at the annual meeting (15 minutes)--shorter if emailed ahead of time.  Craig will take care of this.


  • Strategic Planning Committee
    • The committee discussed the order of the presentation of the final plan/ideas:  The committee wanted to present to the congregation first, then move to the Board, however the Board would like to be the filter for the congregation.  Bruce will carry this message to the committee.


  • Attendance Paperwork
    • This has been resolved by Mathias


  • Donate button on website? Mathias will talk to Anders about this possibility


  • Garage sale questions have begun to pop up


  • Confirm Next Meeting Date
    • June 5


Parking Lot:

  • Creating a document for potential volunteers, perhaps a check-list that could get funneled to the membership committee or a volunteer coordinator
  • Directory and Canvassing:   concerns about losing our foundation base.  (Do people stay on as friends of Wy’east after being removed from the membership roster?  Can we include these friends in our canvassing?)--Paul brought this up for consideration 5/1 in discussion of our current pledge deficit  
  • Mt. Hood Cluster:  Barbara feels there is value in maintaining this relationship


Meeting adjourned unanimously at 8:30


Respectfully Submitted by Daniale L