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“5th Sunday Day of Service!”


Each church year there are 4 months that have a 5th Sunday. As part of our lay ministry and to offer respite to our Worship Committee, we are using these Sundays to offer an alternative to traditional worship. In lieu of holding a service, either in-person or on Zoom, we will be organizing a group service project we can do together instead.

  • For this "5th-Sunday's Day of Service," we will support one of our sustaining community partners, Rahab’s Sisters. To learn more about Rahab’s Sisters, see

If you are able, please join us and make Friendship Cards together (we'll have some supplies to make cards)! Bring your own lunch and we'll make a picnic of it inside!

Gather at the Community for Positive Aging, (formerly, Hollywood Senior Center) between Noon and 1:30 PM

Wy’east members will collect clothing, toiletries, and hygiene supplies; and make friendship cards, and bring them to Wy’east on Sunday the 29th, or make arrangements to have items picked up if you can’t deliver. 

Share your questions and ideas on Wy’east Chat. Let’s work together to make this a fun and helpful service project.

Larry Burt, 503-329-6397
Diane Ingle, 503-936-6947