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“Radical Hospitality” - Desiree Eden Ocampo, Executive Director of Rahab’s Sisters


Examining Inequality Social Justice Focus Speaker Series:

Desiree Eden Ocampo is the Executive Director of Rahab's Sisters, a non-profit founded in 2003 that builds community through radical hospitality with women and gender diverse people marginalized by poverty, houselessness, sex work, violence and substance use. She loves sharing communal meals with friends and strangers alike, whether inviting the young people of the neighborhood over for breakfast or having lunch with guests at the local community center. Her passion for using her talent and skills to make the world a better place, has led her to work with various nonprofits such as Fulfillment Fund, Rising TIDE and Team in Training. For over twenty years, Desiree Eden has helped organizations like South Coast Botanic Garden align their work with their mission, and Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County surpass fundraising goals, move through critical transitions, and strengthen their capacities. Most recently, she served as Deputy Director at Portland Children’s Museum.

She has a Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary and a BS in Business Administration from University of Southern California. When she is not spending time with her husband and three children or catching up on the latest sci-fi show, she is either cooking, singing, reading, or writing about the intersection of faithful living and injustices. She hopes to continue to dance through life as though no one is watching and is excited for Rahab’s Sisters becoming the catalyst for radical hospitality throughout the city.

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