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"Unbecoming: Body, Ancestry, Land" -- Sarah-Lu Baker


The landscape does not have a human tongue. How does the body of the human talk to the body of the earth? What does the rock have to say to us? What does the memory of the water know?  And how do we change in response?  In this profoundly transformative moment in our history, how do we unbecome all that we have known in order to live into what we are? 

Sarah-Luella Baker is a multi-disciplinary artist and healer living in Portland, Oregon. Sarah-Lu uses her body, vocalization, instrumentation, video, paper, ink, natural dyes, salt, and water to invoke textural, symbolic, and ritual works of art. 

Sarah-Lu’s work evolves as a partnership between her physical body and the subtler energies of spirit. Personal meaning-making blends with the wisdom of unseen beings in order to create supportive undercurrents of change toward collective liberation. 

Sarah-Lu has an MFA from UC Davis, and has developed and shown her art in Portland, Oregon, the Bay Area, the Salt Lake Valley, and at festivals and workshops in NYC and Vancouver, BC. In 2019 Sarah-Lu was chosen for a six-month choreographic residency at New Expressive Works in Portland. Her visual work is currently being shown at a solo show in Portland. 

From 2010-2020, Sarah-Lu founded and owned a school for young children focusing on the arts, nature and anti-bias education. She considers the work of conceiving, birthing, and mothering to be in direct relationship to the work of creating art- viewing both as embodied and creative practices of presence and direct relationship. Currently, Sarah-Lu is the founder and owner of Heart Marrow, a healing arts practice living at the confluence of astrology, art, and the body.

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